Comeback of pride to put La Fonteta on his feet (86-81)

The three defeats at LF Endesa added extra pressure to the taronja in the match against IDK Euskotren who came in at the top of the table, third with four wins. But neither the rival’s level nor the bad first half prevented the Valencia Basketball ended up adding a new victory in the LF Endesa, after a spectacular comeback that ended with 86-81 and Queralt, Leticia Romero, Salvadores, Cox and Gülich above the ten point barrier.

Raquel Carrera congratulates Queralt Casas in the match that equaled Anna Gómez’s match record JM Lopez

Burgos started with Leticia Romero, Queralt, Salvadores, Cox and Gülich and It was precisely the captain, in the duel that matched the record for taronja matches held by honoree Anna Gómez, who pulled the car along with Cox in the first few minutesuntil reaching a 14-7 that forced Aranzazu Muguruza to stop the match, after two consecutive baskets by Lamana and Gülich.

And that’s when the match began to go wrong for the locals, who ended up losing the first quarter 14-19 after conceding a 0-12 run and with the leadership of María España, author of two consecutive triples.

Cristina Ouviña and Alba Torrens, going out on the track in the second quarter JM Lopez

Burgos was looking for the revulsive with Alba Torrens and the reappeared Cristina Ouviña but it was Lauren Cox who gave oxygen to the taronja with two triples in a row around the track.

A hit from the 6.75 line that Lass soon compensated for the rival, who also found in former Joy Adams Brown the necessary points to put the maximum difference on the scoreboard (21-38). And there the chip changed in the locals, who began to be more aggressive in defense and attack to start the comeback with a 9-0 run through Cox, Awa, Salvadores and a triple by Leticia Romero. With the exchange of baskets and a final individual action by Queralt at the buzzer, the break was 36-44.

The visitors dominated rebounding and shooting percentages and although Lass widened the gap with a new three-pointer, first Salvadores and then Queralt, they took command of a comeback that reached 57-56 with 2:30 remaining in the third quarter, after a three-pointer by Salvadores. The panorama changed completely, but Lass again punished the taronja hoop to close the third quarter 59-63.

Last quarter with a Salvadors inspired

A small disadvantage that Ouviña and Gülich annulled moments later and before Torrens (in his first taronja basket in the League) and Carrera helped Queralt and Romero to open a small gap that no longer had a mark behind despite the constant threat by Joy Adams and Lass. Salvadores and Leticia Romero were still in a state of grace and led the taronja to their fourth victorywith which they tie their rival this Saturday.

Anna Gómez, together with her former teammates celebrating the victory and the tribute at her farewell JM Lopez

celebration with homage

After the victory, the players celebrated the victory together with Anna Gómez, after the player from Alfara del Patriarca received a warm tribute from the club and the fans after announcing her retirement, with three titles under her belt with Valencia Basket.

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Comeback of pride to put La Fonteta on his feet (86-81)