Colombians around the world. James’s dart to Rafa Benítez ?: “I’m training well, don’t believe what they say out there”


On and off the court James Rodríguez is always on the radar. The midfielder Everton has become a regular on the Twitch platform and from there he answers questions and exchanges opinions with his followers. On this occasion, he spoke openly about an eventual return to the Colombian National Team. He also responded to the words of Rafa Benítez that he is not at the level of his teammates. The player assures that he is training perfectly and misses playing. What’s more, he made an allusion to his state of form in what seemed like a response to his coach: “I’m training well and I feel strong. Don’t believe what they say out there.” The pulse between the two is served.

For the triple playoff date, the left-hander was again absent from Reinaldo Rueda’s call. In just one month the ‘Tricolor’ will face three difficult rivals: Ueuguay, Brazil and Ecuador. Although many fans hope for his return, the midfielder considers that “it is too early to talk about it. Time to time. What they are going to give is saved and if not, peace of mind.”

From the affection that James has awakened in the fans to the contribution he can give in the selected team are the reasons why they wonder a lot and wait for his return to the absolute. However, the left-hander stressed that the Selection is the premium, regardless of who is chosen.

“The national team must always be supported, whether I am or someone else. Time passes and the players leave; the new ones must have that support. Just as we thought that players were not going to arrive after the old glories and we did not go to the Copa del World for 26 years, a good generation arrived. We must always support the National Team. The players pass, but the Colombian shield remains, “he said.

“Sometimes you have to find out to talk, but it’s their job. If not, they wouldn’t sell, they have to sell more.” – James Rodriguez

As a fan and lover of the national team, James did not miss the match against Chile and made a positive balance of the victory. “The game was good, a super good first half. They came out to want to win and that’s good. You always have to have that attitude,” he stressed.

Rodríguez Rubio also owed a space to refer to his present. After the failed summer market in which he could not leave Everton, the cucuteño will have to remain in the Toffees, at least until the winter window, waiting for an opportunity.

“I am training well, I do not know what will happen. I am available and suitable for whatever the coach wants,” he said.

It is no secret to anyone about the differences between the Spanish coach and the Colombian, which leaves him relegated to Liverpool’s blue. However, the Puskas of 2014 expresses that from his part he will give everything to prepare.

“I also miss seeing myself play. I also want to play, but there are things that do not depend on you. You have to train well for everything that comes. With a lot of desire and prepared for whatever it is. I’m training well and I feel strong. No believe what they say out there, “he commented.

James has received a lot of criticism for his streaming broadcasts. Although he stressed that pretending to be accountable, he argued that he likes to share with his followers to feel close.

“Even if not many people like me, that’s what I like. This is the important thing. I am happy and I want to be close to you. I am not here to please anyone, I do not have to please anyone. happy, that’s the important thing, “he said.

The player was also investigated for his recent visit to Ibiza and the controversy it sparked. “Didn’t you see the photos? I had a great time. I had a quiet, great time. With my friends, with my close people. I had days off and I didn’t do anything wrong, I didn’t hurt anyone, “ he pointed out.