Closing with party

The LBM ended its season in style. Two cups were handed out and the traditional triple tournament was played. We tell you everything in our classic weekly report.

Divisional B

Due to lack of players, Dejan Bodiroga did not appear for either of the two points in the finals, so Peñarol Amateur became champion of the “B”.

Bruno Álvarez was awarded as the MVP, of a Carbonero, who finished the season with a 12-3 record.

Divisional E

Millán and Raffo took the last trophy of the season, by sweeping Parque Rodó, in figures of 51-35.

The relative with Sayago had a high defensive value in the game, where he received only 7 points in the first set. CPR managed to reverse it with a great finish from Alejandro Rico in the first half, but Darío Pereira managed to get a scoring streak at the start of the second half, with seven consecutive goals, to match the actions again. It was Ramiro Acuña, who started shooting from the outside, to begin the game, while Gerardo Fernández, with a triple of nine meters, threw the effort of the auriazul overboard, who was left without reaction in the last quarter.

Allen López was the scorer with 11 points. Ramiro Acuña, with 10 points and 15 rebounds, was crowned the MVP of the division.

MyR finished the season with a 13-4 record.

Triples tournament

The triples tournament closed the season where Lucas Consani, from Entraña Fina, won the trophy.

10 of the more than 20 participants who appeared at the Olympic Sports Community Space in Helsinki 1952 and Melbourne 1956, advanced to the second round. Consani with 8 goals in the first round was the best and equalized in the second round, with the last ball to Juan Bianchi of Whiskey, with 10 annotations, to displace Lucas Bonet of Deportivo Montañés from the final.

Lucas clearly prevailed in the definition against the defending champion, 10-6, having already surpassed him with a car advantage, to establish himself as the best shooter of the season.

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Closing with party