Claw: Why watch Adam Sandler’s basketball movie?

yes, in “Claw”, the performance of Adam Sandler it is outstanding, but only to the extent of its own works and nothing else, not in the big picture.

Because, although it must be recognized that by embodying this former basketball player dedicated to recruiting new talent for the Philadelphia 76ers team, who will find a young man with potential anchored in an adverse social environment, thus beginning an odyssey to enter him into the field professional; the also protagonist of “A great dad” (1999) and “They are like children” (2010) it expands the dramatic range in which it usually unfolds, this it does with a character in mode.

In which he even gives continuity to the look of reluctance with which he dresses his most recent characters, remaining in his state of comfort, only betting on a successful content and compliant work, fueled by his well-known love for the NBA.

However, there are other aspects to highlight about this proposal released by Netflix, which is in the line of superational films in sports settings such as JJerry Maguire (1996) and A Possible Dream (2009).

And it is that it is allowed to offer interesting and effective variants with respect to them, among them the one that contrary to what we usually see with Sandler, this time his romantic partner played by the charismatic Queen Latifah —“Chicago” (1999), “Taxi” (2003)— Fortunately, she does not obey the beauty stereotypes established within entertainment.

In the same way, the family model that it presents moves away from conventionalisms, normalizing for the screen the necessary claim of our times and our reality. There is also a clear awareness of the media and social networks, which will have to be a key factor to give the turn to the path of the two protagonists, who open the doors to redemption for each other from the action on the court.

Of course, the participation of many figures from the league that has the best basketball in the world becomes a delight for fans. From the Spanish Juancho Hernangómez brought directly from the ranks of the Utah Jazz and Anthony Edwards of the Timberwolves, through the famous Charles Barlkey and Shaquille O’Neal, to the legendary Julius Erving “Dr. J”, what if it were “Space Jam 2” (2022), the appearances are many and spectacular.

Only contrary to what happens with such a failed movie, here they are very enjoyable, because whether it is about cameos playing themselves or in some role of greater importance, they all make sense within the story, in addition to being extremely careful not to expose them in terms of their interpretive possibilities.

All in addition, sporting a manufacture that attends to and nurtures the impetus for video clips by stylizing without excesses the sequences on the courts and the training with flashy and accurate games of perspectives, balanced with the sobriety of intimate moments.

“Claw” is therefore a film that not only obeys the formula, but also takes advantage of it and enriches it to find its own identity, which without being anything from the other world, much less, is honest and has a heart. An endearing and captivating love letter to the NBA, which will become one of the darlings of the public.

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Claw: Why watch Adam Sandler’s basketball movie?