Chris Paul is between eyebrows playing against the Celtics

Although the record of Phoenix does not notice his absence too much, Chris Paul accumulates more than a dozen games without dressing short. Fourteen to be exact. The Suns had a hard time getting used to life without one of their leaders, but they ended up signing a 9-5 record that has them first in the Western Conference with 16 wins and eight losses. This caused that this same week the franchise let yourself fall that they would be patient with his return. However, the always reliable Chris Haynes aim that the player has in mind to return tonight against the Boston Celtics.

Paul has been away from the team for just a month suffering from heel pain. At the moment, and waiting for the press conference prior to the match, no one in the franchise has detailed the plan that they are going to follow with the point guard. He has been doing the pre-match routine for several days now, even without the intention of playing, so tonight should not be any different except for the final result. CP3’s health was already a major issue last year, as the franchise well knows that a large part of its ring options spend there. The only objective of the team since they reached the finals in 2021.

A minor Chris Paul

This course Paul was playing the lowest average minutes per game of his career. Even so, they were going over thirty. However, what Monty Williams has wanted to change, and signs were already seen at certain times last year, is the weight he assumes in the Suns game. This season is also, by far, the campaign in which he has taken the fewest shots since his professional career began. In fact, it is unprecedented to see him average less than ten points. In view of this, it is to be expected that his return will be a gradual one and that Williams will not ask him to throw the team on his back, neither today nor in the next games.

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Chris Paul is between eyebrows playing against the Celtics