Chiquis Rivera’s aunt denies having raped her when she was a child, asks her to tell the truth

Mexico City.- Chiquis Rivera confessed a few years ago that he suffered sexual abuse from a woman when she was a child, and although she did not reveal the name, her aunt Pita Saavedra He denied that he had raped the daughter of Jenni Rivera.

Sebastian, the transgender son of Aunt Pita Saavedra, recently uncovered that his own mother abused an 11-year-old girl, and although he did not say it was Chiquis Rivera, social media users speculate that it is the singer and businesswoman.

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Chiquis Rivera launched her autobiography a few years ago. / PHOTO: Google

In a show program, Sebastián said that he confronted his mother to find out if he abused Chiquis Rivera years ago, but all he got was to get him kicked out of the house. Now the young man assures that the abused girl could be his relative.

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Pita Saavedra defends herself

Through its channel YouTube, Pita Saavedra He denied this serious accusation and asked Chiquis Rivera to come out and tell the truth about this controversy.

Nothing of what they say has happened would never ever happen. I have never asked Chiquis for anything, never, but this time yes. I know that this video is going to be seen by Chiquis or it is going to reach Chiquis’s ears, I ask and implore you to come out and defend me, ”Pita Saavedra begged.

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The sister of the pink Lady He insisted that he needs me to clear his name, because he knows that there is affection between them.

I can defend myself, but they are saying that I am the woman who abused you as a child or that I raped you … or I don’t know. I ask you with all my heart for that love we have for each other, because I know that you love me too and I have always defended you. Not for that you have to defend me, but to go out and speak the truth, who was that woman? If you don’t want to say it, fine, but say that Aunt Pita didn’t go. They are attacking me and even my son Sebastián even said that he did not doubt that I was that woman ”.


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