Children in Oaxaca receive a basketball court remodeled by the NBA

A hundred Zapotec girls and boys lived with the dunkers Christon Staples and Adrián Sánchez, received a sports clinic and happily sweated the jersey that the United States National Basketball League (NBA) gave them to celebrate the remodeling and intervention of the basketball court in Ixtlán de Juárez, Oaxaca.

On the eve of Children’s Day, in the heart of the Sierra Juárez, where the practice of burst sport is almost a religion, the children’s community enjoyed the reopening of the court, intervened by the muralist and illustrator, Julio Silva.

The NBA celebrated its 75th anniversary by sponsoring the renovation of the court which consisted of capturing a unique and colorful design, inspired by the culture of the mountain peoples of Oaxaca.

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The National Basketball League of the United States turned its attention to those communities in Latin America, an icon in this sport practice, which is why it has reached the Sierra Norte region where, annually, on March 21, the Benito Juárez Cup is held, which brings together almost 200 teams, from all over the Oaxacan territory.

Silva worked collectively for more than 15 days on the cement court, based on his taste for cartoons from the 90s, he created an altar with skulls, maguey plants and endemic flowers, and included a basketball. He also participated in the curatorship Oaxacan artist Oscar Axo.

In the stands, traditional masks based on the mascots of some of the NBA teams, who will accompany the fans to enjoy exciting basketball battles.

Knowing the indigenous practice of uses and customs, the sponsors are certain that the intervention will be used by the entire community, since the field is not only used for sports practice, it is also the place of coexistence in civic events, citizen assemblies, patron saint festivities and even hostels.

According to the representation of the NBA in Mexico, in addition to Oaxaca and Torreón, the Mexican entities favored by this initiative are San Luis Potosí and Mexico City.


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Children in Oaxaca receive a basketball court remodeled by the NBA