Chervo you to triumph with the kids

The game began with the two teams betting on the outside shot, although at times abusing the resource. The zonal marking of the stripes complicated the associative game and the penetrations by Sayago, who in turn saw how Danubio grabbed the rebounds and ran the court. Seeing that the shots of three were no longer profitable, they both began to play on the bass. Jones and Arrillaga were the main exponents of the team led by Díaz, while Andreoli and Chervo did the same for the Maroñas team. When the fourth was marked by bad shots, unfinished offenses and losses, a bomb on Fernández’s buzzer gave Danu the minimum advantage, 15-14.

The following period was intense in terms of defense, but especially from Sayago, having in Riauka a bulwark in the painted area, while Silvarrey put two bombs in attack to pass to the front. Those led by Fernández adjusted the marks and were effective from the staff with Chervo and Nicoletti, which added to a triple from the captain allowed the fringed to be up again. Chervo and Riauka began to carbure in the painted area, giving them the goal lines that both teams needed, although the Argentine was more incisive than the Lithuanian as he was uncontrollable in the low post and knew how to be the goal man on the strip. A Silva triple made up the bad numbers of Ariel’s team and the route from the triple, leaving the score at 34-31 heading to the long break.

The second half showed tints of the first half. On the one hand, the two continued to show the intensity to steal in the front line. But, it also showed the excessive shot of three by Sayago, a burst of triples from Danubio in the hands of Andreoli and Álvarez changed this trend and in this way gave the fringed difference of ten. However, Díaz’s team ran with that luck too, since Silva and Silvarrey made themselves felt from 6.75. The fringed ones charged down and managed to get their rival charged with fouls quickly. In this way, with the free and with the pressure, he was able to sustain the difference of two digits. Before Chervo’s break, Lemos found the holes in the Danubian defense that allowed him to have comfortable shots. But, the formula of the first quarter was repeated: Fernández + triple on the cicada = Danubio up 59-48 at the end of the third period.

The last ten minutes started frantic. When it seemed that the fringed was still long with a double by Nicoletti, an unsportsmanlike captain in the reload, added to a technician from the previous quarter ruled his disqualification. Sayago threatened to come back with a Jones bomb, but Álvarez returning the blow and a deluxe double by Andreoli returned things to their place and the fringed tranquility. Chervo’s return gave muscle to his team in defense, but also in attack, provoking Riruka’s fifth. Given this, the foreigner made a feast under the hoop so that the distance is 13. Ariel’s and the road cut points through free practice, but Andreoli and Planells were intractable from the triple to open the maximum of 22. Already with the Time in his favor, the Danubian waited for time to run and seal the victory in figures of 85-63.