Celtics vs Warriors: Summary, video and result of Game 1 of the 2022 NBA Finals

Final Result: Boston Celtics 120-108 Golden State Warriors | Game 1 – NBA Finals 2022

END | Celtics 120-108 Warriors: Thus we come to the end of our minute by minute, a great victory for Boston that gives a blow of authority in the Chase Center surprising some Warriors who did not know how to react to the gale of Celtics. Outstanding performance by Al Horford in his first Finals and although it was only for a few moments, Juan Toscano-Anderson also made his debut. Thank you for following us and continue in MARCA Claro.

END | Celtics 120-108 Warriors: The best scorers:

Boston: Al Horford 26 points, Jaylen Brown 24 points, Marcus Smart 18 points.

Golden State: Stephen Curry 34 points, Andrew Wiggins 20 and Klay Thompson 15.

END | Celtics 120-108 Warriors: Game 1 of the Finals is over, the Boston Celtics take the victory with a spectacular close and defeat the Golden State Warriors 120-108, ending the Warriors undefeated at home in these playoffs. Valuable victory for Boston.

4Q | Celtics 120-108 Warriors: Enters Juan Toscano and he becomes the first Mexican with minutes in the NBA Finals.

4Q | Celtics 120-105 Warriors: The Warriors have thrown in the towel, the victory will go to Boston thanks to an extraordinary reaction in the last quarter.

4Q | Celtics 117-103 Warriors: Less than two minutes left and Boston dangerously moves away with a triple by Marcus Smart,

4Q | Celtics 111-103 Warriors: New break on the court, Boston is surprising the Warriors who can’t find a way to stop them. 23 points for Horford.

4Q | Celtics 109-103 Warriors: Horford with another triple!!! The veteran is on fire and the Celtics take the lead with less than 4 minutes left. Golden State is totally unfocused.

4Q | Celtics 106-103 Warriors: Al Horford turns the game around with his fifth triple of the night, the Dominican reaches 18 points and the Celtics take command with just over 5 minutes remaining.

4Q | Celtics 100-103 Warriors: The Warriors respond and cut off the great start of the Celtics, who are still fighting to stay close on the scoreboard.

4Q | Celtics 92-94 Warriors: Iguodala gives the Warriors some breathing space with Golden State’s first points in this quarter.

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Celtics vs Warriors: Summary, video and result of Game 1 of the 2022 NBA Finals