Casademont Zaragoza women’s defeat against Valencia in Los Planos

Second game of preseason, second defeat of the Casademont Zaragoza. The Aragonese team fell against Valencia Basket (56-66) in Teruel, at the Pepe Lanzuela Memorial, in a game in which they only kept the score level in the first quarter and that afterwards they were always behind a team with greater power such as Valencia. Carlos Cantero still does not have all his strength, although yesterday he was able to debut and play his first minutes with the Leonie Fiebich red shirt. The last to join Serena Lyn-Geldof will do so in the coming days after being ruled out by Belgium.

The meeting began with maximum equality in the game and in the success, with Imani Tate as the most successful in the locals, receiving Cox’s reply in the visitors. The first ten minutes ended with tables (15-15). The second period maintained the same trend until Valencia took a small lead of five points with which they opened a gap and were able to continue increasing the distance on the scoreboard against the lesser local success. Casademont could only score 9 points for the 22 of its rival.

The second half maintained the same dynamic, with a much more successful Valencia and a Casademont with problems in overcoming their rival’s defence. However, two baskets in a row by Fiebich made Rubén Burgos ask for a time-out and Valencia kept up the trend. The difference increased to 16 points and then it was Cantero who stopped the match to try to get back on track, but Valencia maintained the same intensity on both sides of the track.

Casademont Zaragoza kept trying in the last quarter against a Valencia that was beginning to feel tired due to the reduction in rotations to which it was forced. Imani Tate reduced the difference to 9 points and Rubén Burgos once again demanded time out to change to a zone defense that kept the differences on the scoreboard and avoided surprises for his team in the last minutes.

Vega Gimeno was the top scorer for Casademont with 11 points and Fiebich he seconded it with 11 and 5 rebounds. Both were the most outstanding of the team. Cristina Ouvina he scored 10 points, grabbed 8 rebounds and provided 4 assists for Valencia.

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Casademont Zaragoza women’s defeat against Valencia in Los Planos