Casademont Zaragoza will honor Pilar Valero in Luxembourg

The indelible legacy of Pilar Valero travels to Luxembourg this Wednesday. There, in the third match of the women’s Casademont in the Eurocup, the illustrious player, who died this past Monday, will receive the love and tribute of the entire Aragonese club. Carlos Cantero’s players will take to the court wearing a commemorative shirt that will bear the number 4 and the Zaragozan’s surname on the back.

This small and heartfelt memory will be in the run-up to the match that will face the women’s Casademont with Grengewald Hueschtert at 7:30 p.m.. If Cantero’s team emerges victorious from the Luxembourg track, against a rival that has not yet won in Europe, the team from Zaragoza will sign an immaculate first round of their group. On the opening day they decisively beat Braine, while last week they beat Cadi La Seu in an exciting outcome at the Prince Felipe.

«The players are tired, but we work to recover and get to the matches well. We must not relax. It is a displacement and we must add the fatigue of the trip. It is a team with four or five players who attack well, although they have a short rotation. At 40 minutes it can take its toll,” says Carlos Cantero. The coach also stresses that his rival has “good shooters, runs well in attack and plays freely”, although “that lack of defense” is what “costs them a little more”. “Everything happens to open a gap on the scoreboard,” predicts the coach.

Cantero has the safe loss of Vega Gimeno and the doubt of Carmen Grande. Without respite, once the European clash is over, Casademont will face Perfumerías Avenida this weekend.

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Casademont Zaragoza will honor Pilar Valero in Luxembourg