Carlos Noguerol: “Lately basketball has been giving me more trouble than joy”

At 29 years old, we can define Carlos Noguerol (Chantada, 1993) like a basketball worker, with an upward progression that took him from EBA (Chantada and Coruña B), to three and a half seasons in LEB Plata (Peixe, Óbila, La Roda and Clavijo) and finally another three in LEB Oro (Peixe , Almansa and Lucentum Foundation). However, all that glittered was not gold. As he himself recounted in psych and rollJavi Hernandez’s podcast.

If two weeks ago we talked about the scarcity of nationals in LEB Goldthis past Monday the news broke that our interviewee was leaving the league to return home and sign in the EBA League with Ucoga Seguros CB Chantada.

Basketball Zone – How are you, Carlos? The first thing is to ask you how the return home has been. Happy to return to a humble but serious team like Chantada?

Carlos Noguerol – Very good, family of basketball area. The truth is that I am very happy to return home, eager to start the season and enjoy basketball again.

ZdB – You will not be the first nor the last to decide to get off the wheel, in unfavorable conditions for the high level of demand. In the podcast “Psych and Roll” it was noticeable to a certain tiredness. What happened this summer? Lack of offers in Gold? The projects in Silver did not convince you? Was Chantada’s project very suggestive? A mix of everything?

CN – As you say, it’s a mixture of a bit of everything… My goal was to continue in Gold, but no club came to bet on me. Several important Silver teams called me, but in that space of time waiting for some Gold offer and that my motivation to play in Silver was not very high either, so I decided to go back to the origins and talk to Chantada to meet again with those desire to play basketball and enjoy again.

ZdB – Why do you think the national team is valued so little and it costs so much to give them that opportunity, something that can be extended with each change in level?

CN – What I think is that the national team has to do everything and everything well to be able to play at a very good level and foreigners are allowed much more… If they don’t defend it’s because they are here to do other things, but nevertheless We nationals have to do everything without making mistakes, thinking about the team and without protesting… In the end, if a foreigner doesn’t go well, they change for another and that’s it, however, we nationals have to bear that weight of the team and if we don’t a good year there are already chip problems and so on, which is more difficult to deal with.

ZdB – Without thinking about the long term, do you see playing in the EBA now as an impasse in your career, an opportunity to make a reset or is it simply enjoying basketball at home again?

CN – Above all, enjoying playing the sport that I have loved so much and that lately has been giving me more trouble than joy. I want to see it from a not-so-professional point of view but at the same time be ambitious and continue to give everything I have inside of me, which is still a lot.

ZdB – Speaking of the 22/23 season, and without revealing the names that are yet to come to your new team, the truth is that the level of Group AB is great: Peixe wants to revive old laurels, Círculo Gijón seems like a block de Plata, Gijón Basket has a well compensated squad and we must not forget either the union in León under the seal of Cultural or the youngsters of Obradoiro. Did you expect to find an EBA of this level?

CN – After so many years for Spain ahead and speaking with many people on the subject, it seems that the EBA A League is a little below the other groups. I simply believe that in the Promotion Phases, those teams from the north/northwest do not have that bit of luck or knowing how to compete that they do have teams, for example, from group B, and that are needed in that type of season finale.

This year it will be super even with those teams trying to be at the top of the table, while those below will try to avoid that complicated drop of 6 teams that usually occurs every year.

To say goodbye, I want to send you a big hug for the work you do throughout the year following the season of all the EBAs up to the LEB Oro, without resting in the summer with each RT of each signing of each team. Thank you for your work!

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Carlos Noguerol: “Lately basketball has been giving me more trouble than joy”