Campazzo returned to training with the Denver Nuggets

In less than a month, the ball will be hit again in every corner of the United States. In October a new season of the NBA and obviously, Facundo Campazzo will be at the foot of the canyon to be, as it was throughout this year, one of the keys to the Denver nuggets.

Campazzo gets ready (Photo: @nuggets)

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The 30-year-old point guard is, for now, one of the two Argentines who is guaranteed his presence in the best basketball league in the world. Facu, who is already training in his team’s preseason, will debut in his second year wearing that of the Hammers visiting Los Angeles Clippers.

“Yes, he came back”. This is how they received Campazzo in Denver, where he already knew how to shine in 2021 and will surely do so in the coming season.

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Deck is also still in the NBA

Santiago forward Gabriel Deck will continue into the NBA’s next season with the Oklahoma City Thunder, a team that extended the contract until January 2022.

The firm from Santiago in the NBA (AP)

Tortuga’s bond was partially guaranteed if they did not cut it before August 30, which did not happen, and his continuity in the NBA was only released today by his press team.

One more, and one less?

Another of the Argentine appearances that there will be this season in the NBA, will be that of Leandro bolmaro, who signed with the Minnesota Timberwolves after his stint Barcelona.

The future of Vildoza is uncertain (AFP)

For its part, the only doubt in this regard is the Mar del Plata Luca vildoza, which was analyzed in the preseason of New York Knicks and its insertion in that franchise is not yet guaranteed.

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