Campazzo: on his return to Córdoba after two years to ‘let the Sheep stay forever’

After two years of pure frenzy, which involved the renewal with Real Madrid, the runner-up in the 2019 China World Cup, the bomb transfer to the Denver nuggets and first year in the NBA and these recent Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Facundo Campazzo decided to stop the ball a bit and take a little time to relax. Back in his payments (Córdoba) and surrounded by family and friends, the 30-year-old base made a balance – at a distance – of everything that lived in recent times.

Facu with the Denver Nuggets jersey. Photo: AP / Steve Dykes.

Campazzo’s balance sheet over his last two years

“I hadn’t stopped for two years, but I like that dynamic of training and not resting too much. After spending a week without doing anything, it’s hard for me. It’s like I like to move around a bit and so on. It was two long years. and hard in which beautiful and very important things happened to me. It has been two years since I came to Argentina and I wanted to visit family, friends and unplug a bit from basketball to relax a bit “.

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I think that the analysis of this time is positive, of learning. Many strong things happened: a World Cup in which we played very well and that personally I also felt very comfortable physically and with confidence, a good season with Madrid that helped me to want to continue climbing steps and the important moment of the decision to try to do everything to get to the NBA, in which my family supported me. “

The Cordovan had a good first year in the NBA. Photo: Matthew Stockman / AFP.

“When the World Cup in China started, I renewed with Madrid and I never thought I could make it to the NBA. Although it was a dream and a fantasy, I did not imagine that in 2021 I would be in Denver. I made the decision to try it and now I am having a good time, having fun and making mistakes, but it has been two years of super positive balance: I consider that I am a better player and that I grew up. Hopefully I can continue learning and growing. “

The explosion in networks after his arrival in the NBA

“I take it normally, I am not an excessive consumer of that kind of thing. Sometimes I try to abstract a little from the good and the bad because in excess of both the good and the bad can be harmful. I try to lock myself in the family , friends and close people. Obviously the support is felt a lot and I see it, I think the best way to honor that support and affection that they give me when it comes to staying up late watching the games is to try to do my best on the pitch. I think that that way whoever is behind the TV will feel happy watching the game. “

Campazzo asked that Oveja review their decision not to continue as Argentina’s DT. Photo: EFE / Enric Fontcuberta.

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Campazzo on the departure of Oveja Hernández

In turn, Facu also spoke on FM Milenium 106.7 of Sergio Hernández’s decision not to continue in command of the Argentine basketball team: “I don’t know if he definitively closed the door as DT. Sergio is key for the group because he knows usHe had most of us, he knows how to talk to us, treat us, give us confidence and make us happy on the pitch. Ultimately that is a gift he has; the one to handle a group to perfection “.

“We have been building an identity and a DNA and he is someone extremely important, he is our head together with Luis (Scola). They are coaches who want them to stay in the National Team forever because they know us all perfectly. He is a kind of DT who always leaves you something. Personally, he was with me for ten or more years and is a fundamental piece of my career “.

Facu hugging Luifa to tears, the day of his farewell from the National Team. Photo: EFE / Enric Fontcuberta.

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A few days after the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games ended, in which Argentina received a tough elimination in the quarterfinals against Australia, Sergio Hernandez He affirmed that he will not renew as coach of the National Team despite the request of the players.

Currently, the CAB (Argentine Basketball Confederation) is looking for his replacement: Néstor García and Pablo Prigioni, assistant to the Minnesota Timberwolves in the NBA and also of Oveja in the Olympic Games, are candidates.