Campazzo: crossing with Ricky Rubio and loss of the Nuggets against Cleveland

It wasn’t the best night for Facundo Campazzo and Denver nuggets, which this Monday added the first defeat of the season, after the successes in the first two presentations. But that was not all for the Argentine, who despite having starred in a good first half, with a spout included, it finally made the news for a spicy cross with Ricky Rubio in the third quarter, which soon became viral on social networks.

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It is that at 2m46 from the close of the third quarter, the Spaniard took the ball in the corner and, in his attempt to stop the shot, Campazzo hit his knee with the rival base. While the rub didn’t seem very strong, the Cavs star He did not take it in the best way and immediately got up and faced the Argentine, who did not shrink either.

Thus, the two qThey stood face to face for a few seconds and told each other everything. “What’s wrong?” Rubio yelled at him, among other things. Finally the teammates and one of the referees interceded to separate them and, When things calmed down, they were given one technique per hand.

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Facu and Ricky have already faced each other on several occasions at the National Team level and they even saw each other last season, when the Spaniard played for Minnesota. After the crossing, Ricky took over the free practice and did not fail.

“It was like a Royal Rumble. LI love you both, you are very competitive. I did not see the play, but as everyone approached, I also went. I did not buy the event, but it was like a very bad fight, “said a jocular Kevin love after the meeting.

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Facu, who played 17m37, left at the beginning of the last quarter and did not re-enter. The best of Cordoba was seen in the first half of the game, with a triple, two rebounds, two assists and a steal. Already in the third quarter, he added one more assist and the aforementioned crossing with Rubio. Thus, he closed the roster with 3 points (1-4 in triples), 2 rebounds, 3 assists and a steal.

An even game, which Cleveland defined in the last quarter

Cleveland started better, building the game from its solid defense to try to stop Denver’s attacks, and particularly to Nikola Jokic, who anyway had a lit night with 24 points and grabbed 19 rebounds. However, Denver, who was far from his best, was able to match him, and he even tied it at 70 in the closing seconds of the third quarter.

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But in the last 12 minutes, Cleveland was forceful to close it and take the victory. Taking advantage of the repeated losses of his rival, who finished the night with 22, Cleveland pulled out a 16 lead, which was irremovable for the Nuggets. Finally, it was a 99-87 defeat.

After the fall, Denver will have a rematch this Tuesday, when it visits the Utah Jazz, from 11pm.


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Campazzo: crossing with Ricky Rubio and loss of the Nuggets against Cleveland