Busy day on Saturday in La Liga with four big games


Hour: 20.00 TV: Basketball Pass.

Referees: Daniel Rodrigo, Raúl Sánchez and Enrique Cáceres.

Stadium: Roberto Pando (CABA).

Record: They met 22 times in the National League, with 15 wins for San Lorenzo and 7 for San Martín.

streaks: The loss against San Lorenzo (99-75) caused the loss number 14 out of 17 games for San Lorenzo. El Cuervo needs to recover soon to escape from the bottom of the standings. Hard moment for the Azulgrana who is 17th today, but has eight falls in a row.

San Martín (9-5 record) comes from losing to Argentino in his last appearance, last Thursday as a visitor and 72-60. In this way he cut a streak of two consecutive victories that he had. It is located in 7th place, looking to get into the Super 20 Cup.


Hour: 21.30 TV: Basketball Pass.

Referees: Alejandro Chiti, Leonardo Zalazar and Alejandro Trias.

Stadium: Founding Partners (Comodoro Rivadavia, Chubut).

Record: They met in a total of 14 opportunities in the League, with seven wins for the team. The last duel between the two was on November 5, when La Gloria beat Mens Sana at the Ángel Sandrín 96-77. The scorer of that match was Yoanki Mencia with 25 points.

streaks: The cast led by Martín Villagrán secured their place in the Super 20 Cup after the victory against Ciclista Olímpico and one of those who will seek to join is La Gloria, who will play their first game of 2023 at the local level.

El Verde started the year in the best way with the qualification to the Final Four and with two victories at home that they will seek to extend the weekend. For its part, the Institute will resume national activity against Gymnastics, with the obligation to win to dream of accessing the Super 20 Cup.


Hour: 22.00 TV: Directv

Referees: Juan Fernández, Julio Denmark and José Luis Lugli.

Stadium: The Temple of Rock (CABA).

Record: They played a total of 41 games, with 25 victories for Regatas and 16 for Obras. El Remero and El Tachero already saw each other, it was on October 26 at the José Jorge Contte, with a victory for the local team 68-66.

streaks: Regatas will seek to add in this new tour and recover from the setback suffered in their last game where they lost with Oberá Tenis Club at home 70-76. Let’s remember that for the moment the people from Corrientes accumulate a percentage of 53% with a record of 9 wins and 8 losses. And to add that the team did better as a visitor than at home, where they reaped 5 wins in 8 presentations.

For his part, Tachero is having a great campaign and is ranked 2nd in the standings with a record of 14 wins and only 4 losses, rounding off an effectiveness of 78%. In addition, at home they have not yet lost in the season, winning their five commitments.

Fact: The Rower left on a trip on Thursday night and is already in Buenos Aires with the news that Felipe Pais is already recovered and will be available to coach Fernando Tulo Rivero. On the other hand, Facundo Piñero traveled with the team, but only to add jobs, while Marco Giordano did not travel with the squad and continues to recover from his knee tendinopathy.


Hour: 22.00 TV: Basketball Pass.

Referees: Fabricio Vito, Alejandro Zanabone and Iván Andereggen.

Stadium: City of Vicente Lopez.

Record: They met 6 times in the National League, with three wins for each team.

streaks: In their last appearance, Platense beat Independiente de Oliva 94-80 in a match where Calamar defined them in the third quarter thanks to a great team effort. The North American Demarco Owens, with 23 points, and Nicola Pomoli, with 21, were the stars of the match. Cholo Vázquez’s team continues on a roll and added its fifth consecutive victory.

With a 12-7 record, the Brown established itself in the top lot and will now have three straight games at home.

Peñarol (11-8 record) achieved an interesting rise in recent days. They have won 3 of the last 4 games they have played. He arrives at tonight’s duel after three wins: at home against Argentino (92-82) and away against San Lorenzo (99-75) and Ferro (102-88). You must win to continue climbing places. It is located 9th.

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Busy day on Saturday in La Liga with four big games