Buenos Aires Games: classified in rowing, paddle tennis, tennis, beach volleyball and 3×3 basketball | News from Mar del Plata. Puntonoticias.

The local instance was carried out under the organization of EMDER with those registered in the disciplines tennis, paddle tennis, 3 × 3 basketball, beach volleyball and rowing, which brought new classifieds by General Pueyrredon to the stage of the region.

In tennis Singles classified Micaela Rocco, Lucas Piquín (Sub 14), Camila Piquín, Ivo Juric (Sub 16), Matías Fritsch (Sub 18) and Matías Caudullo (university), while in doubles Rocco / Navarro, Paiardini / Párraga (Sub 14) triumphed ) and Distéfano / Juric (U16 male)

The paddle The winners were Fabrizio García / Agustín Silva (U14), Luca Mazzorella / Tomás Alaimo and Evangelina Pereyra / Roberta Rendo (university)

Regarding the beach volley, in the Sub 14 category, they entered the Regional Felipe Duque / Simón Viera and Juliana Taccone / Ailín Carrizo; in Sub 16, Aquiles Santeufemia / Gerónimo Díaz and Martina Ramírez / Clara Cavalieri; in Sub 18, Ezequiel Ferrin / Tobías Belfiore and Luana Mena / Ana Ramírez; and in university students, Guadalupe Gamarra / Lucía Alaniz and Santiago Faidutti / Agustín Ranellucci.

The rowing discipline had the following classifieds: Guillermina Berengeno, Julieta Ricciutti (junior ladies), Josefina Aquino (junior ladies), Milagros Onufrovich, Delfina Medl (Sub 16 ladies), Eugenio Fernández, Santino Franco, Bautista Bacigaluppi, Emanuel Acosta (junior gentlemen), Francisco Ercolano (minor gentlemen), Martín Tonn, Santiago Ferrer and Valentín Manzo (Sub 14 gentlemen)

Finally, in 3 × 3 basketball Club Peñarol classified its U16 and U18 teams in both branches, in addition to the U14 female; Quilmes won in the men’s Sub 14; and the National University of Mar del Plata agreed in ladies and gentlemen to the regional in university category.

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