Bridge under reconstruction

A pure triple was the beginning, with both perimeters punishing from that route, but in addition Sayago also generated points near the basket that put him in front. Cordón improved a lot in defense and from there also in attack, with the growth of Marotta in the pressure in the front row and of Borsellino in the paint who led an 18-0 crowned by two triples from “Pica”. The albiceleste was a whirlwind in the first quarter, with six converted triples he left with an interesting 31-16 advantage, which was a true reflection of a clear superiority.

Díaz moved the bank, with good income from Arrillaga and Silva, those of Camino Ariel opened the room with a 7-0 necessary to get into the game quickly. But the reaction could not be specified, because Riauka came out for his third staff and Sayago felt it, those from Losada made him pay with Medina breaking the area by attacking the ring, adding to the good of Aguiar offensively, the albiceleste closed the game much better first half and went into halftime winning 46-31.

Those below the bridge continued to dominate at dawn of the third period, with a lot of defense and court runs to ask for the word for Bernardo Barrera took advantage of Sayago’s bewilderment. Octavio Medina continued to punish non-stop with penetrations to a defense that was not in its most lucid night, and led Cordón to an advantage of 69-53, which left the game almost liquidated, only leaving a door ajar because we are talking about the Metro, where anything can happen.

A spicy entry from the kid Guillermo Souza empowered Sayago who scored 8-0 to open the last one, putting a cloak of uncertainty on the outcome by approaching eleven points. Those of “Patita” Díaz continued to press the entire court and managed to disturb because they reached five with a 15-5 start, with Souza seeing the huge hoop, but again from the hand of Medina and Borsellino, Cordón responded to maintain the difference. Finally, Losada’s team ended up winning it 85-75, perhaps suffering a little more than necessary because they played decidedly better than their rival. Cordón played very well collectively, his innominates ended up being inserted in the best way in the team that seems to have reinvented itself after having suffered a lot during the initial phase. But the albiceleste is just 1-0, and Sayago will have to correct a lot if he wants to continue fighting in this Metro.