Bombshell: The NBA finalizes a revolutionary change in the format

Lto NBA already works in a change in the competition format among the 30 participating teams, as revealed ESPN. The NBA and the National Players Association have already been negotiating elements of the new tournament, which could be released in the season 2022-23 or in the 2023-24 I eat very late.

The negotiations focus on a format that would start with matches between teams distributed in several groups and that would be a kind of regular season run-up before the teams with the best records qualified to play an eight-team single elimination tournament that would culminate before Christmas. The proposal would also shorten the regular season of 82 to 78 gamessources said.

One million for each champion player

The parties involved would be negotiating on award one million dollars to the player of the winning team of this tournament, but players could see more financial and competitive incentives before the deal closes. The NBA is motivated by prospects for lucrative income from television and sponsorship It hopes to generate long-term financial growth.

The league has had to work to ensure that financial reductions for teams and players due to initially shortened regular season they went to the point of equilibrium, hoping to obtain more considerable financial gains in the long term.

The preliminary phase of the Champions League as an example

The success of the previous phases of the Champions League and the European competitions of European football, before the direct crossovers of the playoffs, have inspired the NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, who believes that players and fans would get excited about the tournament over time.

The idea is not new, it had already been raised in the forums years ago, but It is now when the parties have set to work to build bridges for their viability. The union has already informed the players about the main lines of this new tournament, and they are expected to be accepted by the collective in February during the Cleveland All Star.

Anxiety about absorbing short-term losses

The teams had expressed their concern about absorbing short-term losses by eliminating two dates at home to present the tournament, especially when Those games can be worth between 2.7 million and 4 million for the most profitable teams. of the great market. But nevertheless, Silver has been a huge proponent of the idea and has shown his ability to convince owners of the convenience of the new format. That new tournament, according to all parties, it is feasible if there is good will from all parties involved, as usual.


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Bombshell: The NBA finalizes a revolutionary change in the format