Beach hurricane

The first quarter Malvin marked the process. After putting two fast trays by Bello. However, la Molina penetrated, and placed a quick double. The shirts from the perimeter and only by putting the ball in the paint, they found spaces that gave him the opportunity to continue expanding the advantage in the score 12-2. The scholars went wrong. José Mackiewicz tended to ask for minutes to adjust details in each rotation and in the curtain. Urunday tended to react after the minute and tried to touch the two corners to break, but Malvín firmly in the 1 × 1 prevented them from breaking the area. The 1 × 0 runs were a predominance on the part of the shirts. The first boy went in favor of Malvin 33-4.

The second quarter was a carbon copy of the first, and Malvín began to close the game. The shirts continuously played a central pick and from there they found spaces outside, for the hands of Agustina Aceredo and Ailen Sosa to reach out to open more differences in the score. However, Urunday did not tend to lower his arms and keep trying. On the part of the green, he placed several balls to the post but they were intercepted by Malvín, who ran the field. However, the scholars found the hand of three of Fiorella Garbarino and Sabrina Molina. The fourth of was the long rest, in figures of 66-14 in favor of Malvin.

In the third quarter, Urunday tried to generate a small 2-3 zone, but it did not last long because Malvín broke and moved the ball around the perimeter to break through the axis. The scholar was forced to modify the brand to individual defense. However, the beach continued to run the court 1 × 0 as it did in the previous two quarters. Both coaches began to rotate their teams to introduce Fernanda Midaglia, Fiorella Martinelli and Paula Fernández. Mackiewicz admitted Tania Orihuela and Victoria Rodríguez. The last minutes tended to be more open, and each protagonist was more encouraged to attack the basket and be able to take their shot. The third quarter went in favor of Malvin 92-20.

The last quarter started with great intensity for both casts. Malvín continued to dominate from start to finish. However, Urunday tried to run the court but could not score. The blue continued to take a wide advantage of 86 points, the maximum of the match. Urunday was not affected by the difference and continued to generate from 1 × 1. But the robberies were all from the shirts that ran the court 1 × 0. The game was taken by Malvín, in figures of 128-26.