BBL 20/21: Ten Players to Watch

Another classic of each course arrives, such as the analysis of Pablo Vazquez of several interesting players from the British BBL, the league in which he is assistant coach of the Leicester Riders. The young Galician coach The competition grows each year in importance, game and names, with teams that perform good basketball such as Newcastle Eagles, London Lions and Leicester Riders, among others. After having published scoutings about various players from leagues as diverse as those of Sweden, Portugal Y FinlandIt is the turn of the United Kingdom, whose names are brought to us by the Galician coach Pablo Vázquez.

The ten chosen

Geno Crandall
USA / 1996/193 cm
Leicester Riders
29 mi, 15.6 pt, 5.6 re, 7.9 as, 1.9 ro

Watch out for the MVP of the competition, a point guard with an NCAA pedigree and in that limbo between LEB and ACB. A player of indisputable quality who should not be lost sight of.

THE ANALYSIS OF PABLO VÁZQUEZ: He came to the league from the Czech Republic, with more than decent numbers and being foreigner of the year. And as expected it did not disappoint. Electric with the ball in his hands, fast in the open field and athletic. Great passer both in transition situations and in Q&A and very correct in defense, he likes to run on every track and put pressure on the ball. The outside shot may be his Achilles heel, but with his work ethic and being young there is still room for improvement. League MVP and renewed for next season, much is expected of him.

Jeremy hemsley
USA / 1996/191 cm
Sheffield Sharks
32 mi, 17.3 pt, 4.6 re, 3.1 as

What a good year for this American point guard who did not play last season after leaving San Diego State. He quickly took control of the team and showed his skills.

THE ANALYSIS OF PABLO VÁZQUEZ: He arrived in Sheffield in the middle of the season after the departure of Mackey McKnight and the change was immediately apparent. Scorer, look for ways to fill up the stat in multiple areas. Able to penetrate and finish above the rim and against contact. On top of that, he’s a great rebounder and passer. Play well the Q&A both to penetrate, stop and pull or seek the roll. Inconsistent from the line of 3, but capable of having hot games.

Rickey mcgill
USA / 1997/185 cm
Plymouth raiders
33 mi, 17.0 pt, 4.3 re, 5.0 as

Trained in Iona, his first professional experience was in Greece (without much merit), but in the United Kingdom he has played very comfortable and showing his skills.

THE ANALYSIS OF PABLO VÁZQUEZ: Another player who arrived in the middle of the season, and what a shame, because I would have liked to see Plymouth with him from the beginning. The adaptation was the main problem, but as soon as he got it, his great version could be seen. Experience in Greece, great scorer after bounce, great 3 and mid-range shooter, perhaps it is difficult for him to finish with contact at the rim. Very aggressive playing the Q&A, looking to score and forcing the greats to be very attentive. Without a doubt, a very interesting player who is still available.

Maarten Bouwknecht
Base / escort
Netherlands / 1994/185 cm
Worcester Wolves
35 mi, 13.4 pt, 5.3 as

We already highlighted him at the time as one of the European U22 to follow. Consolidated in his country, last year he went to the BBL, where he has stood out again.

THE ANALYSIS OF PABLO VÁZQUEZ: Worcester base and engine. When he was in he caused the rest to plug in. His ability to play 1 and 2 and his Dutch passport make him very interesting for FEB Leagues. Very smart, very good at playing the Q&A and a great 3-point and medium-distance shooter. Aggressive in defense, he puts a lot of pressure on the player with the ball, being also aggressive on the passing lanes.

Dirk williams
Guard / forward
USA / 1994/196 cm
London lions
30 mi, 17.6 pt, 3.6 re

He already stood out in his first experience in the UK, and after a season in Hungary, the Lions brought him back to be a benchmark alongside Liggins and he has not disappointed.

THE ANALYSIS OF PABLO VÁZQUEZ: Born shooter. You can do the 2 and 3. Superatlético. Without a doubt, one of the best shooters in the league. At times this year it was above 45% Q3. His athleticism helps him rebound and play over the rim, leaving highlights every season. Very good numbers last season in Hungary which, without a doubt, has consolidated.

Eric Lockett
USA / 1995/196 cm
Brystol Flyers
31 mi, 14.8 pt, 7.1 re, 4.4 as

This NC State product has had its first experience in Europe after playing in the Middle East. His numbers have put him on the list and we ask Pablo about him.

THE ANALYSIS OF PABLO VÁZQUEZ: ‘Three ‘physical. Another player capable of inflating the statistics. Very good in the open field, athletic and able to play above the basket. At times this season he has had to make 1 due to injuries to his teammates. Excellent rebounder, he carries the offensive rebound very well and is able to pass his teammates after penetrations. His weak points, without a doubt, the outside shot (with quite low percentages) and at times his aggressiveness in defense (which has caused him to be charged with fouls).

Orlando parker
Power forward / forward
USA / 1991/203 cm
London lions
22 mi, 12.3 pt, 5.3 re

After five years in Germany, Parker changed country. A player profile so in demand and that should always be taken into account.

THE ANALYSIS OF PABLO VÁZQUEZ: Another that has arrived in the middle of the season when they needed it most and automatically changed the dynamics of London. An open 4 that stands out in situations pick and pop. Able to generate shot in those situations or also put it on the ground without problems. Undoubtedly his, shooting is his most lethal weapon and forces defenders to go out from a distance to shoot. In defense, perhaps he is soft against heavier and stronger fours, but he is very mobile and with a lot of talent and points in his hands.

Jordan williams
Power forward
UK / 1995/203 cm
Worcester Wolves
34 mi, 13.3 pt, 9.2 re, 5.1 as

Interesting player. One of those English pearls that has reached its optimum moment of maturity. What a pity that he has lost his community status for FEB Leagues.

THE ANALYSIS OF PABLO VÁZQUEZ: Very interesting player in my opinion, capable of doing everything. He can hit the 4 and the 5. When he plays the 4 he sins on his outside shot and when he hits the 5 he is usually lower than the dominant ‘fives’ in the league. In attack she is super versatile, hard playing on the post, capable of putting her on the ground on both right and left to attack the 1 × 1. Great rebounder. Without a doubt, something that draws attention is his ability to pass from the post; read the game very well. In defense, able to change with little ones and move his feet.

Evan maxwell
USA / 1995/208 cm
Newcastle Eagles
24 mi, 13.4 pt, 6.8 re, 0.9 ta

He already did well in Slovakia as rookie, demonstrating in Newcastle his level and his variety of registers in painting.

THE ANALYSIS OF PABLO VÁZQUEZ: Offensive talent. Able to pull 3, put it on the ground and post. Difficult to defend due to its versatility. Situations pick and pop Y pick and roll and of posts to go to the right are its main virtues. However, defensively is where you can get hurt.

Jimbo lull
USA / 1996/212 cm
Cheshire Phoenix
28 mi, 13.1 pt, 7.1 re

He did not like it in Serbia at the beginning, but the former Dons has left in the United Kingdom, being one of the best ‘Fives’ rookies that have landed in Europe this course. He will have a sure exit, but will we have the fortune to see him in Spain?

THE ANALYSIS OF PABLO VÁZQUEZ: ‘Five’ pure rookie who has come out of the University of San Francisco. He arrives mid-season to help Cheshire. Tall player, typical 7 feet. Very good in the low post with hook situations and very good in situations of Q&A. He has shown some medium-range shooting and has been encouraged to shoot a couple of triples during the year. Defensively, it is difficult for him to move with speed in defensive situations of Q&A against fast players.