Basketball with another vision

Culiacán, Sin.- Although not juice all his life he sport that he is most passionate about, he saw it with another vision, to be a tireless promoter, worried to recover spaces from basketball and with another way of organization.

In a certain way Juan Pablo Pacheco practiced the rush sport like any young person, however he paid more attention to academics and over the years he returned to the field to continue playing his “cascaritas”.

Originally from Los Mochis and based in Culiacán, he had his first contacts taking school selection processes to the University, in his land, being selected north zone in 4 of the 5 years, in the alma mater, the UAS, when studying the degree of Law in Los Mochis. He currently has a postgraduate degree in Constitutional Law and Amparo.

In those times, as a youth, I joined on a selective occasion for the greater northern area of ​​Sinaloa that participated in the regional in Ensenada, BCS having as main coach Professor Jaime “Ratón” Leyva, current President of the Pioneros Club in CIBACOPA and assistant to Jorge ” El Güero ”Ruiz. In addition, for reasons of residence, I have been fortunate enough to play local leagues in Toluca and Texcoco, Mexico, this as part of my training as an amateur player since in reality my decision was always to finish my career and a postgraduate degree and train in the service public, as I do today.

He has lived in Culiacán since 2010, believing that he was retired from the basketball activity, he no longer played or had any connection with the rush sport, but on one occasion while going to run at Parque 87, I observed a tournament that my friend and colleague organized, later, playing in some teams, Alejandro Salas “Pele”. I approached that occasion and I began to hesitate to rattle and that is how my passion for basketball returned, then I was invited to play various local leagues, having the luck to play five finals in a very short period of time, about two years in Culiacán. , which perhaps made me a more active player and interested in basketball and I was getting to know me in the city.

In 2014 I decided to become a basketball sports social promoter. The reason, I observed that, for example, where I had played amateur, the leagues were well organized, they were public, not financially expensive and with good awards and events. And in 3 or 4 years playing in the city, respecting the organizations and associations, they suffered a lot of these administrative and sports concepts. I asked myself the question: How much with my experiences, desire and availability could I improve or group better skills? I analyzed and decided to give it a try. To date we are still here (laughs).

The approach I give is to promote socially and sportingly, non-profit, since not only did I start to call tournaments, but for example, I started on the Bugambilias field, at that time I presented the project to the then director of IMDEC, Jorge Casanova to rescue the property, we managed to play a couple of seasons, leaving at that time a property with new lights, acrylic panels, nets, repaired cyclonic fence, access gate, in short: first class facilities. It is not only promoting, but rescuing spaces and putting a sporty social touch to the things undertaken. I am respectful of institutions and associations. I joined but without affiliation, but I do everything based on my citizen, political and social rights.

In the same way, I promote competitions on the Bravo court, a place that we have carried out as much municipal management and own investment, for its rescue and beautification of the place, thank God today in my opinion, it is the best public court to play basketball. Since 2016, we have also rescued court 1 of the Constitution Civic Center, a place where I have made donations either personally or in conjunction with the basketball players who play my competitions, such as, for example, have been donated: stadium-type lamp, metal benches , heavy-duty outdoor nets, total court paint, general cleaning material for bathrooms and services, private tree branch pruning, electrical fixings, among others.

Currently in the Bravo Park, there are two competitions, The 9 Basketball Club, third strength men’s teams and the 7 Basketball Club, which develops 7 local academies for young people integrated in a tournament and activities to enjoy the sport burst .

In the Constitution right now due to a pandemic, with the authorization due from the CCC administration, we only operate the Municipal Premier League for Novices, an amateur sports model that we have implemented since 2018 with 11 teams with very good results.

We have developed women’s competitions, there were no constant economic tournaments, now at least once a year or two the free women’s category or third-force category is called, and soon juvenile.

In our competitions we try to have general and personalized statistics, young people who are now realities have been developed: Reno Valle; and, William Flores, both junior professionals with Caballeros de Culiacán. Alviso Hernández, who has also played in other latitudes such as for Peregrinos de Badiraguato who plays CIBAPAC. Local players and coaches of great contribution and talent, such as Jonathan Meza Rogel and Iván Esparza, as well as the experienced one, who usually gives me a lot of advice as I have said, my friend César Ochoa Delgado, with his academies.

Another coach who has been important in his support and advice is Mike Corona and the Caballeros de Culiacán Club itself, who being President of its server of the Basketball Committee, I reached a written agreement with the Directorate of Sports (IMDEC) in those years , for Caballeros to develop an academy in Bugambilias. Also, now in a pandemic, last year, I had to support them with an exhibition via electronic means of modern refereeing for basketball.

I have a very cordial and professional relationship with them, I take the opportunity to thank their President Saúl Saldaña by the way.

Precisely in managerial aspects, I had the opportunity to be President of the Municipal Basketball Committee from 2015 to 2017 approximately, a short time in which we tried, with the support of the vice president at that time, César Ochoa Delgado, to generate better administrative practices and strategies for the benefit of the amateur basketball.

On one occasion, I had the opportunity to be selected to participate in a state forum, exposing to the then candidate, today governor, Quirino Ordaz, a state sports plan for analysis and discussion, which I was very happy to do since it was a participation in the MIA with the public where I had the deference to professionally expose the needs and areas of opportunity for the sport of Sinaloa in general, I remember that it was received very gladly by the governor.

I clarify, thanks to my work, in the afternoon nights, it is when I carry out this jobee every time that I have, as I said, a formal job, as a professional within the public service, which by the way I love it, which allows me without interfering with My job is to advocate socially and athletically to promote burst sport in the city.

To add to this activity, my taste for refereeing basketball arose. I remember that precisely my friend, may he rest in peace, “Pele”, in his La Raza tournament, opened the door for me to referee and I sanctioned my first basketball game with him. outstanding coach and current manager of ADEMEBA, local, Roberto Ríos, with whom I am always grateful for his support in my debut as a local referee.

To date, I have had training, I think, unbeatable, I have been with national and international FIBA ​​instructors, such as the Argentine Claudio Vaismán and our Mexican reference, the teacher José Reyes Ronfini.

As a referee without affiliation of school or desolation, I have had participation in the semi-professional women’s league WCIBANORO, in a national championship organized by the Alianza de Baloncesto de Sinaloa, affiliated to the Mexican Basketball Federation, in the women’s free category.

To date, at the invitation of the current President of ADEMEBA Sinaloa, César Ochoa Delgado, I have been told that they will be able to call me to participate in official events organized in the State by said civil sports association, an opportunity that I hope to fulfill with good marks and with my best possible professionalism, I join with great pleasure.

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