At the start of the competition in the men’s First Division Somisa could not beat Temperley de Rosario and fell by 70 to 60. Meanwhile, for the highest category of the female, Regatas defeated Talleres de Villa Gobernador Gálvez 61 to 46.

Andrea Rébola scored 14 points for Regatas against Talleres de Villa Gobernador Gálvez.


Yesterday the CAB 1 Sports Region Tournament was formally inaugurated, jointly organized by the basketball associations of San Nicolás, Rosario and Pergamino, and endorsed by the Argentine Confederation. The competition – which has 35 clubs from the north of the province of Buenos Aires and the south of Santa Fe, valid for both the male and female branches, in the First Division and Lower – had its opening day at the “Fortunato Bonelli” stadium. from Club Belgrano, in our city. Two games were played there. In the first round, for the women’s senior category contest, Regatas defeated Talleres de Villa Gobernador Gálvez 61 to 46, a rival that had beaten it this season in the three previous matches (two for Rosarina and one for the Federal). Those led by Jorge Acosta unblocked an even game from the third quarter, thanks to their aim in the long shots, especially through the conversions of Julieta Molina (he made seven triples and totaled 23 goals), counting at the same time with the leadership scored by Andrea Rébola. After a brief presentation of the championship with an exchange of presents by the authorities (Martín Vercelli and Eduardo Pérez by ABSN, Marcelo Turcato by Rosarina and Miguel Chami, vice president of the CAB) and that the tango singer Javier Noceda will sing the stanzas of the Argentine national anthem, they faced each other for the First of the Somisa and Temperley men from Rosario, with the latter triumphing by 70 to 60. In the midst of a balanced, very physical and frictionless procedure, the Rosario residents made the difference in closure. When the nicoleños lost by averaging the last quarter (57-58), a 12-0 run allowed Temperley, who finished better, to get away from a rival in training who could not deploy a good basketball last night.

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Migue Chami, vice of the CAB, Marcelo Turcato, for Rosarina, Martín Vercelli and Eduardo Pérez for ABSN, the authorities present yesterday in Belgrano.

Today at 9.30 pm Los Andes de Villa Ramallo plays, as a visitor against CAOVA de Rosario by Group C. El Verdolaga – led by Renzo Cipollone – currently competes in the A2 of the Primera local, where it has four consecutive victories. It was reinforced this season with Musachio and Astudillo from Parchment – base and guard, respectively – with former Defensores inmate and recently passing through Belgrano at Federal, Fernando Salazar, pivot Edurdo Jelen, a native of Misiones, forward Jeremías Apraiz. Lucas and Cristian Reynoso from Social and veteran Germán Zalloco, from Don Bosco, also joined. The main structure of the squad is also made up of Jeremías Videla and Ezequiel Martín, plus another former Defenders, Ricardo D’Agostino. His rival competes in the Rosarina Super League, forming part of the A2, with a current record of six wins and three losses. His coach is Juan Pablo Lupo and he has, among others, Pablo Maggi (former Belgrano pivot in the National League), Agustín Velardo, Gastón Rojas and Sebastián Pereyra from Pergamon, and he added Sport Club Camelosnse shooter Patricio Pirani (former Deportivo Norte Armstrong in the Federal). He lost Román Marchisio, one of his important men, through injury (he played for Federal in Sportmen Unidos).

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For Somisa, Federico Pascual contributed 9 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists.

The other two representatives of the ABSN, Belgrano and Regatas will be presented on Sunday, also in Rosario. El Rojo will play at 20.00 against Central and Náutico will collide at 20.30 with Provincial, rivals who compete in the ascent of Rosarina (Provincial in the First and Canalla in the Second).
In other matches of the First of the masculine they will be: today: 21.30: University-Talleres de Arroyo Seco (Group A), Atalaya-Sportivo de Las Parejas (C) and Centenario de Gálvez-Independiente de Chañar Ladeado (D); Sunday: 20.00: Sportmen Unidos-Santa Paula de Gálvez (B). Free were at the start of the season Juventud Unida de Cañada Rosquín (A) and Náutico Sportivo Avellaneda (D). On the other hand, today at 9:00 p.m. by the Under-17 Women Regatas will receive Talleres de Villa Gobernador Gálvez.

Regattas 61
Workshops (VGG) 46

Referees: I. Petroni-C. Fernandez
Partials: 14-12, 15-11, 15-8, 17-15

Regattas (61): Molina 23, Sáez 0, Rébola 14, Albornos 12, R. Perazzo 7 (fi), Selva, Soliz 0, Wolfl 2, A. Perazzo 1, Suriani 0. DT: Jorge Acosta.

Workshops (46): Constantini 4, Corgnalli 17, Giacone 5, Peralta 4, Macello 12 (fi), Mahie 4, Menflieri 0, Rocca 0, Bustos 0. DT: Néstor Gnass.

Somisa 60
Temperley 70

Referees: E. Valente- A. Barbich
Partials: 15-14, 16-18, 17-16, 12-22

Somisa (60): M. Rodríguez 8, Cruz 11, Lete 9, Pascual 9, Dentis 6 (fi), Rausch 6, Pérez Douthat 5, Brovarone 6, Valentini 0. DT: Nicolás Arámburu.

Temperley (70): Roig 2, Ottolini 7, Lussenhoff 20, Parizzia 20, Dirivianij 2 (fi), Torres 8, Esquivel 0, López 11, Mariani 0, Morici 0. DT: Marcelo Roig.