Basketball: the 2021 Araucanía Preparation Tournament is played

The weekend will be the women’s contest. The provincial team will play a series of friendlies thinking about the tournament that this year will be national.

During the next weekend the 2021 Araucanía Preparation Tournament for women’s basketball will be held, where the La Pampa U19 team will have a series of friendlies for the national competition. They will also play the selected U19 from San Luis and the first teams of Estudiantes and All Boys, for Zone A. La Pampa U19, Ferro de Pico and General Belgrano, in Zone B.

The competition will begin on Saturday and will be played on three fields, the General Belgrano club, the Ciudad College and the All Boys club.

Through Zone A, the first game will be at 10 am, where Ferro de Pico will meet General Belgrano on the Tricolor field. At 15:30, La Pampa will make his debut against Verde at the Colegio Ciudad and at 20, again La Pampa will play against Belgrano, at the All Boys club.

In zone B, All Boys will face San Luis, from 11:30 am at the Belgrano club. While the San Luis players will play again at 16:30 against Students at the Ciudad College and at 21, again at the City, the classic between Students and All Boys closes. On Sunday there will be crosses and at 19, La Pampa and San Luis.

La Pampa U19

Those summoned: Victoria Alfonzo Cabal, Paulina Alonzo Ricca, Valentina Andrada, Guillermina García Lercari, Virginia Gette, Morena Martínez Almudévar and Camila Donofrio (All Boys); Julieta Pérez and Lara Vigorito (Belgrano), Gianella Chiurazzi, Antonella Chiurazzi and Morena Delú (Caleufú); Francesca Anconetani, Lucrecia Langghoff and Isabella Pérez (Students), Ángela Yicarean (Ferro de Pico); Sofía David and Laura David (Union of the North) and Gimena Seibel (Union of the South).

Celebrated All Boys

All Boys beat Estudiantes in one of the matches of the third date of the Women’s Province Basketball League that was played last Sunday in their respective venues.

Auriazul beat Celeste 57-52 in the top flight. In addition, Ferro de Pico prevailed in a resounding way in his visit to the Centro Rincón Vasco de General Acha by 91-9.

With these results, the positions are: 1) Ferro de Pico, 6; 2) All Boys, 4; 3) Belgrano and Ceriva, 3; 5) Students, 2.

In training: Caleufú 18 – Unión del Norte 72 (U13); Caleufú 26 – Unión del Norte 53 (U15); and Caleufú 21 – Unión del Norte 50 (U17).

In addition, Unión del Sur beat Ceriva on the road 61-17, and 74-23, in U15 and U17.

In addition, Estudiantes beat All Boys 57-37 in U13 and 62-25 in U15, while Auriazul won 80-26 in U17, in the inferior games between the classic rivals.