Basketball: Sarmiento debuts in the Argentine League

Sarmiento will face the candidate, Colón de Santa Fe. Photo: Prensa Sarmiento.

The 2022/2023 season will be the Dean’s return to the second category of national basketball. In this framework, Sarmiento will make his debut in the Argentine League receiving the tough Colón from Santa Fe, in a match that will be played this Wednesday 19, at 9:00 p.m., in the “Raúl Alejo Gronda” micro-stadium, in the capital of Chaco (Perón 1,515).

The cast from Chaco, still waiting to complete the major files, was set up with a limited budget and with the firm idea of ​​filming the youth of the institution.

The team led by Eric Rovner managed to add a couple of foreigners like Marquel Wiggins and Charlie Daniels, and has Fabricio Spagnoli and the return of Mauro Coronel (who was absent briefly to play the pre-federal). In addition, he added the experienced Andrés Mariani, who will undoubtedly give the “Dean” squad a jump in the hierarchy.

“We aim to have institutional seriousness with a long-term project and without economic madness,” said Sarmiento’s coach, Eric Rovner. In terms of sports, the north is set on “being competitive, making us strong at home and why not play as equals and be able to have good away games with favorable results,” highlighted the red-haired coach.

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This Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. will be the red-haired debut on his return to the National Basketball League. Photo: Sarmiento Press.

The Aurirrojo from Villa Alta will seek to gain a footing in the Northern Conference of La Liga Argentina and in their first game they will face one of the candidates like Colón from Santa Fe, who has just made his debut with a visitor victory against Villa San Martín.

In the previous tournament, Sarmiento played the “Friendship Cup” organized by Hindú Club and in which he fell in the final against the “Tricolor”. For its part, the “Sabalero” did the same by organizing the “Super 4” with teams from Santa Fe, a contest that ended up being awarded.
In this way, Colón arrives with a little more filming than Sarmiento, but it will be the game this Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. in the “Raúl Alejo Gronda” that will mark the fate of the two teams in the North zone.

The referees for the duel between Chaco and Santa Fe will be Rougier, Delsart and Cáceres, while Daniela Kessler will be the technical commissioner.

After the commitment against Colón, Sarmiento will appear again at home in a new day, receiving another leading team such as Barrio Parque de Córdoba. This match will be on Friday, October 21 at 9:00 p.m.

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Eric Rovner is the Dean’s coach. Photo: Sarmiento Press.


Tickets to see Sarmiento – Colón (SF) will be sold at the clubhouse, at Perón 1515. The popular ones for members with a current card will be free, while for non-members it will be priced at $500.
The stalls will have an additional $200 for members and $700 for the general public. The ticket offices will open their doors at 6:00 p.m., that is, three hours before the start of the game.


Major Files: Mauro Coronel, Andrés Mariani, Marquel Wiggins (foreign) and Charlie Daniels (foreign).
Files U-23: Fabricio Spagnoli, Juan Ignacio González Iriarte, Franco Fernández.
Minor Cards: Thiago Gronda, Valentino Barúa, Tomás Tehant, Mateo Didier, Emiliano Yudi, Simón Céspedes, Mateo Biain, Lucas González Fernández, Matías Torres Guerrero and Ayrton Hauptmann.

Coach: Eric Roverner.
assistant 1: Eduardo Diaz.
wizard 2: Gonzalo Aguirre.
Physical trainer: Diego Colonel.
Team leader: Martin Roche.
props: Raphael Strongoli.

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Basketball: Sarmiento debuts in the Argentine League