Basketball: Progreso and Roca did not forgive and Independiente remains undefeated

The Progreso quarry was too much for Biguá, last night at El Gigante.

With defensive order and very effective collective basketball passes from the perimeter, the Marcos Fernández’s team ended up running the court and drawing a fair 94 to 70.

The escort Ignacio Eder, author of 34 points was uncontrollable for the defenses proposed by Biguá, who played a game in the first half (25-23 and 48-40 down) but then succumbed to the locals.

The Neuquén, without Lautaro Riego, They couldn’t keep up until the end; the illusion of victory began to collapse after averaging the 3C (when Mauricio Santángelo’s men were down ten, with 6 ‘to play 61-51).

In the blink of an eye, the locals gave him a partial 10-0 after the minute’s start and, from there, Progreso began to dominate the main board at will, with a neat collective defense and going towards the rival ring with several effective counterattacks. There was good leadership from Diego Agnoli, who also provided a perimeter goal and key assists.

DSC 0538
Diego Agnoli had a good game; He distributed the game and contributed with (16 points). Photo Gino Avoledo

Biguá was anemic in defense and attack never did a good readura of game when it was in party.

Fair victory for Progreso, which continues in the vanguard positions of Zone 2 of the Pre-Federal Tournament.

DSC 0549
Biguá was in the game until averaging the 3C, then Progreso reinforced the defense aids and ended up running the field. Photo Gino AVoledo


From Progreso (94): Marco Roumec 17, Ignacio Eder 34, Fausto Boglio 11, Eitan Lodosky, Sebastián Pérez Ascani 4 (FI), Diego Agnoli 16, Joaquín Santos 3, Juan Cruz Rodríguez 4, Julián Correa, Mateo Braghero 3, Laureano Corominas 2, Ignacio Morales. DT: Marcos Fernandez

Biguá (70): Agustín Llanán 9, Gonzalo Esteban 4, Facundo Zambrano 14, Nahuel Muñoz 11, David Fric 23 (FI), Dulio Lloyd 5, Lucas Jaramillo, Tiago Leiva, Felipe Báez, Federico Gamero, Augusto Sabas 2, Santiago Gatti 2. DT: Mauricio Santangelo

Partial: 25-23, 48-40 and 69-55

Independent of Neuquén he hammocks with the victory high in Zone 2, yesterday in Villa Regina He beat the “albo” by 69-60 and reached nine victories in a row (the only undefeated in the competition).

The scorers in Marcelo Remolina’s team were Paolo Casale with 16 goals and Juan Levrino with 14; Pablo Almendra did not play.

In Centennial, Deportivo Roca won a laborious victory before the ADC (for Zone 1).

With a 66 (34) to 60 (34) those of Sebastián García passed the Spanish Center line, which fulfilled its free date.


Centennial (60): David Oviedo 8, Lucca Brunet 5, Andrés Duval 8, Matías Arias 23, Franco Navarro 8 (FI), Valentín Sáez Montoya, Marko Pamich 3, Franco Velázquez 5, Nicolás Arévalo. DT: Gustavo Oviedo

Sporty Roca (66): Emiliano Bell 11, Mariano Epifanio 9, Jorge Coronado 9, Agustín Sánchez 16, Gastón Torres 13 (FI), Adolfo García Barros 5, Juan Quercia 3 DT: Sebastián García

In this group there were two comfortable victories: that of Pacífico over Unión AP, by 100-66; and Petrolero before Cinco Saltos, by 95-62.

This Monday at 8 pm they will face Cipolletti-Pérfora (Zone 2).