Basketball PreFederal: Spanish is the leader in its area, Progre does not loosen in the other group

On Friday night, he delivered six new matches for the PreFederal de basketball, which brings together teams from Neuquén and the Alto Valle de Río Negro, in a sort of Integration tournament that was not played for two years due to the pandemic.

In one of the highlights, Centro Español (5-1 record) relied on experience and the scoring of Mario Sepúlveda (23 points) to win Centenario in La Colonia. It was 84 to 81 for those led by Patricio Denegri who had to work hard to get a 5-1 record and assert themselves at the top of the zone 1 table.

Petrolero did not give Unión Alem Progresista chances and established clear differences in hierarchy on the scoreboard (95-57). They scored all the players in Sergio Bellandi’s squad, who had Juan Ávila (15) and Santiago Frola (13) as highlights.

Deportivo Roca showed personality and wants to fight. He defeated Cinco Saltos as a visitor by 79-63. Along with Petro and Pacífico, they are second with 4-2 records. For their part, the Tricolor (1-5) and Unión (0-6) close the table.

In zone 2, Independiente (6-0) had a free date and Del Progreso (5-1) does not lose footing. He sweated a lot to beat Cipolletti (0-6), who came close to claiming his first championship win. Ignacio Eder (23) on the premises and Juan Ignacio Andreotti (23) on the visit were the scorers for the night that ended 92-82 for Progre.

The third position of the group is fought with three that are equal in the record: 3-3. One of them is Pérfora, who beat Atlético Regina at La Perla del Valle 75-55 with a good scoring distribution and a solid defense. Juan Cruz Signorile (13) on the visit and Franco Leal (21) on the premises were the highlights.

The other two that share third place are Club Plottier and Biguá. In the duel between the two, Gabriel Alzugaray’s men defeated Mauricio Santángelo’s 78-71 at home. Nataniel Rodríguez (26) and Juan O’connor (21) were the scorers of the night for the winner, while David Fric (26) stood out on the visit.

This Sunday the interzonal duels will be played, in what represents the last date of the first round in the initial phase of the contest. Four of them are spicy classics and promise to be attractive: at 20, Cipolletti vs. Cinco Saltos, Unión Alem Progresista vs. Athletic Regina. At 20:30, Pérfora vs. Petrolero, Deportivo Roca vs. Of Progress. At 8:45 p.m., Independiente vs. Peaceful. At 21, Biguá vs. Centennial and Spanish vs. Club Plottier.