Basketball: Olympic champion Walter Herrmann led a campus for girls and boys from the city

Train, improve and hierarchize are three definitions to describe the main idea of ​​the Regional Center for High Performance Sports (Crear). And if these concepts have as their interlocutor a benchmark of the ‘Golden Generation’ and an NBA player, the message is much more enhanced. That is what happened this Saturday in the Southwest District when basketball player Walter Herrmann and a team of professionals led a basketball camp for girls and boys from Rosario clubs. In addition, in the previous one he provided training for coaches and managers.

“The activity that we developed within the framework of Crear consisted of a clinic, campus and an open talk. And the objective is to convey the experiences I had in sports and to tell those who are taking their first steps that there are no secrets to being a professional. It is about training and having discipline, always in the training part focusing on the fundamentals and individual technique. When we talk to the guys from the Golden Generation we all train similarly and today you don’t see that so much. That is why we are trying to go back to the sources”, indicated Herrmann after the day.

One of the greatest exponents of national basketball shared his knowledge and experience not only with girls and boys, but also with teachers and leaders. “At this point we talk about technical issues, but what remains is that training in these roles must be constant, each from their place. The coach as a trainer, and the managerial part provide the right environment so that planning can be carried out”.

“As for the little ones, the reception they give me never ceases to amaze. They were not my contemporaries but they still listen and are predisposed to learn. We reach more to the families who are the ones who write them down. You have to be patient and download clear ideas, but I have no doubt that the message reaches them and I hope that it will be useful not only for sport but also for life ”, he closed.

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Its central purpose is to improve the specific physical and technical performance of the 80,000 federated athletes of Rosario, under four bases of support: Permanent Selections, Training, Sports Campus and Evaluations.

The initiative offers its own management system developed for statistical purposes, which includes all the athlete’s technical, physical and nutritional information as well as details of their participation in selections and evaluation results.

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Basketball: Olympic champion Walter Herrmann led a campus for girls and boys from the city