Basketball officials sanctioned for discriminating against children | They will not be able to attend games for a month

The Disciplinary Court of the Men’s Basketball Association of Salta resolved the sanctions for acts of discrimination against leaders and some fathers and mothers of the Club El Tribuno Basketball against the children of the Basketball School of the Neighborhood Center of Villa Soledad.

The Association resolved to sanction to Gustavo Levy and Julián Tolaba with the prohibition of entry to the parties that are organized from October 23, as the provisional suspension date, until December 2. The Association also decided to suspend the coach of the Villa Soledad Basketball School, Sebastián Romero. And suspended the delegate of the El Tribuno Club, Mario Zerpa.

On the other hand, the Association inhibited an unidentified El Tribuno Club supporter and three Villa Soledad supporters.

However, the decision of the Basketball Association was not well received in Villa Soledad, given that the minimum penalty provided for the foul committed was applied. “It is a shame,” Romero said before the Salta / 12 query. He said that this decision causes him “impotence, anger. In a month he can go back to a court, they applied the penalty as a repeat offender (to Levy). They did not think about the boys. A month from now we have to go to their court to Him Tribune with what face I tell you that this character is going to be there, the same person who ignored them, denigrated them, “Romero said before Salta / 12.

The resolution was taken after the submission of a report from the referees A. Choque and F. Díaz, on October 25, to the Disciplinary Court of the Salteña Men’s Basketball Association, reporting acts of discrimination committed to the detriment of children from 10 to 13 years old from the Villa Soledad Basketball School. There they mentioned Levy, Tolaba, Zerpa and the president of El Tribuno Basquet, Roman Caxal.

“It is important to emphasize that the category U13 They are children who do not deserve such a show and above all there are repeat offenders in their behavior. These behaviors influence, the child pays attention to these factors and is infected with the negative euphoria transmitted by the platform, ”the referees stated in the letter.

Choque and Díaz detailed that the conflict began when in the last quarter, with 7.45 minutes still on the clock of the children’s game, a visiting player committed an unsportsmanlike foul by hanging on to a local team player who was hitting to introduce the ball into the basket case. “What’s wrong with you gil?”, The local player reproached him. “This situation is quickly controlled without more than what happened,” said the judges, who applied a penalty for the technical foul. But “At the moment from the rostrum where the visiting party was, Mr. Levy (the father of a player) is heard loudly: ‘they are villagers, dirty as shit,” they said in the report.

Faced with these expressions, according to the report, the coach of the local team, Sebastián Romero, reacted, entering until the middle of the field, insulting and inviting him to fight. And after that several supporters joined with disqualifying, homophobic and racist insults.

As for Caxal, his behavior was also analyzed because the report includes a phrase of his: “You are assholes of shit.” In its resolution, the Association held that in its defense Caxal, as a responsible leader with a signature on the game sheet, stated a series of circumstances that make it coherently deduce that this expression was directed at the spectators of its entity who had entered into negative dialogues. with sympathetic opponents, as a way to reprimand them for possible suspensions.

The Association explained that it also reviewed that, always based on the referees’ report, that when the coach of Villa Soledad retired, Tolaba uttered insults, although in this case it was not possible to establish who it was addressed to, although they deduced that his destination was Romero, for which he applied the suspension sanction of one month when entering the fields. “The latter makes a coherent discharge that can serve as mitigating his sanction,” said the Association.

On the other hand, the Association recommended the reading and understanding of the rules that govern basketball in a mandatory way and that are applicable, such as the penalty code, the internal sports and administrative regulations of the 2021 closing tournament, to all components of this sport: clubs, managers, players, referees, and coaches.

He also warned the clubs of the obligation to enforce the penalties of the Disciplinary Court, under warning of the application of Article 60, which provides for the application of fines, “without prejudice to other sanctions that may correspond to them.”


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Basketball officials sanctioned for discriminating against children | They will not be able to attend games for a month