Continuing with the activity of the CAB 1 Sports Region tournament, for the men’s First Division last night in a match valid for Group B, Belgrano won as a visitor over Rosario Central by 99 to 91. On the other hand, for C Regatas he lost in Rosario with Provincial 85 to 80.

Belgrano started winning in Rosario. PH_PEREA_IMANOL

Rosario Central 91
Belgrano 99

Referees: F. Petrone-J. Colman
Partial: 19-20, 29-.25, 19-32, 24-22

Rosario Central (91): Galán 9, Gandoy 18, Pochettino 28, Molina 11, Ianelli 19 (fi), Fernández 4, Cuesta 2, Badía 0, Giambartolomei 0. DT: Nicolás Funes.
Belgrano (99): Vercelli 17, Alimena 7, Delon 6, Easterling 12, Núñez 24 (fi), Barile 0, Viale 4, Sirignano 4, Maffei 6, Cionco 19. DT: Daniel Maffei-Ariel Amarillo.

Provincial 85
Regattas 80

Referees: W. Valente-D. Olive
Partial: 22-21, 24-24, 19-17, 20-18

Provincial (85): Hidalgo 16, G. Pérez 12, T. Gómez 5, Polatti 7 (x), F. Rodríguez 23 (fi), Mariani 8, Bustamante 0, Parnisari 12, S. Bloch 2 (x). DT: L. Vanzini.
Regattas (80): López 16, V. Ingrata 19 (x), P. Rodríguez 9 (x), Felicetti 14 (x), Andollo (x) 13 (fi), Lupinucci 2 (x), I. Manzano 5, Acuaticci 0, Cernetti 2 DT: Pablo Dastugue.

Another result: Sportmen Unidos 71-Santa Paula de Gálvez 68.

The rest

In other categories, Belgrano lost in Sub-17 and Sub-15 with El Tala de Rosario and in Sub-13 against Sirio Libanés de Pergamino. For his part, Somisa beat Unión and Progreso in the U-17s, 70-51, and in the U-15s, he lost 45-39 to the same rival. Riberas fell with Argentino de Pergamino in Sub-17 and in Sub-15 Sacachispas was defeated in Villa Constitución by Fortín Barracas 68-57. In this last category, Defensores de Villa Ramallo beat Alianza Colón as a visitor by 100 to 51. In the Women’s Under-14 category, Regatas beat Gimnasia de Pergamino at home by 43 to 25.

More action

Today for the twelfth date of the A2 in the tournament “Daniel ´Nene´ Spurio” of the First local, at 20.30 will play Sacachispas and Miter de San Pedro. In the A1, meanwhile, the clash between Belgrano and Somisa that had been scheduled for today, will be played on Wednesday. For the Feminine Regatas he beat San Martín 71-26.
As for the Junior League, completing the regular phase, Regatas beat Miter by 85-49 in Group A, in which Náutico finished second behind Belgrano.
And for the Prefederal, Argentino in Trenque Lauquen beat Atlético Villegas 71-56 for Group A.