Basketball: Hard red-black fall against Pueblo Nuevo by the Pre Federal Clubs

This Sunday, as a local, Independiente de Tandil lost to Pueblo Nuevo de Olavarría, by 80 to 60. The Olavarrienses qualified for the second phase and those from Rusconi will have to face SMATA de Mar del Plata next week, for a passage to the next round.

The beginning of the game was not easy for Independiente after two consecutive conversions from Lanusse, Pueblo Nuevo signed an 11-0 streak led by a Menna who had a perfect first set: he scored 13 of his team’s 23 points. With a difference that reached a ceiling of ten points, Nicolás Rusconi’s team reacted and little by little got into the game with a goal distributed in San Martín, Andrizzi, Lanusse and Arca. The first quarter closed with an exchange of points and a Pueblo Nuevo up on the scoreboard by 23 – 17.

The second set had a good start from Independiente, who with five points from San Martín and another five from Gutkin went ahead on the scoreboard. Pereyra Sanso had a good income and the local continued to stretch the differences signing a 12-2 run. After several minutes of little effectiveness, Pueblo Nuevo found in Leandro Mateo a way to score, but Independiente always had answers. A pair of consecutive losses that those of Olavarría took advantage of to run put the marker in equality. At half time the scoreboard indicated a tie at 36.

The start of the second half was delayed by the injury of Carlos Merchan, one of the designated referees. After the arrival of Fierro as a substitute referee, Pueblo Nuevo was better. Santana started on fire and Hartstock was loaded with fouls for the locals. In Lanusse, Independiente found the engine not to be far on the scoreboard and the re-entry of San Martín brought him points again. A technique called to Santana gave Rojinegro the chance to equalize the score at 47 at 3:40 at the end of the third quarter but the end of the third quarter was all of the visit that took advantage of all the errors of Independiente to close 57- 48 above.

In the first possession of the last quarter, Menna hit a triple that meant the maximum difference in favor of Pueblo Nuevo. Menna had five more points in a row that seemed to end the game at the start of the fourth quarter. As the minutes went by, the Olavarrienses stretched the ceiling of difference with an uncontrolled Menna: he made seven triples in the game. The final result was 80 to 60 in favor of Pueblo Nuevo.

With this result, the Olavarriense team secured their ticket in the second phase of the Pre Federal Tournament. For its part, Independiente will have to make a clean slate since next weekend the passage to the next round will be disputed in a heads-up with SMATA in Mar del Plata.


Independent (60): Pereyra Sanso 2, Argueso 0, Saucedo 2, Hartstock 2, Puente 0, Altamirano 2, Lanusse 15, Andrizzi 6, San Martín 13, Gutkin 8, Arca 8, Olivieri 2. DT: Nicolás Rusconi.

Pueblo Nuevo (80): Di Salvo 7, Gómez 2, Santana 6, Frachia 0, Coppero 0, Mateo J 14, Santana 1, Menna 31, Masson 6, Juarez 0, Mateo L 5, Américo 3. DT: Agustín Bianchi.

Partials: 17-23; 36-36; 48-57.