This week the competition that brings together 35 clubs from the north of the province of Buenos Aires and the south of Santa Fe will start. In First male, the four representatives of the Association of San Nicolás were placed in different groups.


This week the first edition of the CAB 1 Sports Region tournament will be launched, both for the male branch, in First Division and Lower. There will be seven clubs representing the San Nicolás Basketball Association, one of which promoted, together with Rosario and Pergamino, this competition, endorsed by the Argentine Confederation. There will be a total of 35 participants, among which are Somisa, Regatas, Belgrano from our city, more Defensores and Los Andes from Villa Ramallo, Sacachispas and Riberas de Villa Constitución.

In what has to do with the gentlemen, in First the contest will have 18 competitors, as EL NORTE announced in its edition on Saturday. Four groups were formed; two of five teams and two of four.

In A will be Somisa, Temperley and Universitario de Rosario, Talleres de Arroyo Seco and Juventud Unida de Cañada Rosquín.

B will be made up of Belgrano, Sportmen Unidos and Central de Rosario and Santa Paula de Gálvez, in C will be Regatas, Sportivo de Las Parejas, Provincial and Atalaya de Rosario.

And in D were included Los Andes, Independiente de Chañar Ladeado, Centeario de Gálvez, Náutico Sportivo Avellaneda and CAOVA de Rosario.

In the regular phase within each zone they will play everyone against everyone, back and forth. After this stage, the two best of each of them will advance to the semifinal homers, from where the four classified to the Final Four will emerge.

Regatas, Belgrano, Somisa and Sacachispas will also participate in Sub-17 and Sub-15, Defensores in Sub-15 and Belgrano and Regatas in Sub-13.

On the women’s side, the ABSN representatives will be Regatas, Belgrano, Sacachispas and Riberas in Primera. Also the dribblers will say present in Sub-17 and Sub-14, and in this last category Belgrano will make his presentation.

As this media could find out, there are high probabilities that the opening act of the championship will take place this Thursday at the “Fortunato Bonelli” stadium of the Club Belgrano, with the match between Somisa and Temperley for the men’s First. The president of the CAB, Fabián Borro, would attend this ceremony.