In the premiere of both “at home” in the Regional CAB 1, there was mixed luck for nautical and red. In La Ribera, those from Dastugue easily beat Timbúes by 87 to 62. At Bonelli, those from Maffei lost against Gimnasia de Rosario 90 to 83.

Alejandro Mena was the scorer of the night, with 22 points for the nautical. EZEQUIEL GUISONE / THE NORTH.


After having debuted as visitors in this new Regional competition, Regatas and Belgrano had their debut as hosts on the third date, after being free on the second. The yachtsman recovered from his initial fall (in Rosario against Provincial), defeating Timbúes last night without shocks by 87 to 62. The red, who had started the tournament by beating Rosario Central as a visitor, last night could not against a very good team of Gimnasia y Esgrima de Rosario, who took the victory by 90 to 83.

In La Ribera, Regatas established differences from the initial 10 minutes, entering the game with two consecutive bombs from López and Ingratta. Mena took advantage of the opening of the rival defense to hurt in the following minutes, and in less than three minutes of play the score was 12-3 for Dastugue’s team. The Rosario reacted from the hand of a revulsive Soller and an effective Zuccali, who ended up being the scorer of theirs.

The local wasted some consecutive attacks, but regained control of the game and passed the double digits before the end of the set. In the second quarter, those from Dastugue began to sentence the story, reaching a difference of 20 with the first points of Patricio Rodríguez.

In the third, a scoring blast from Valentín Ingratta allowed the local to continue widening the gap, making any attempt by Timbúes unattainable, who never managed to get into play. Regatas thus put a victory on track that left no doubts.

In the Bonelli

Belgrano had a demanding rival such as Gimnasia y Esgrima de Rosario, who had debuted by beating Santa Paula de Gálvez and last night made differences from their broad and performing squad. With Nuñez and Calcaterra winning in the paint, red entered a game well in the first quarter that had many inaccuracies. The Rosario, in a low scoring, held with the triples of Borselini, Fernández and Traglia. In the second quarter the visitor found the business breaking the ring and getting fouls that complicated Belgrano, taking the game to a field of total parity. The local alternated very good offensive moments with others to be forgotten, suffering in several sections of the game problems to raise the ball.

DSC 0229
Belgrano could not at home. EZEQUIEL GUISONE / THE NORTH.

The best of Maffei’s men was seen at the beginning of the third quarter, when he bet on the paint and got second and even third options to score. But GER charged again with Borselino’s 3s and a great moment from Yanson running and scoring to leave 59 things the same heading into the fourth quarter. There the visitor was more serene, with the prominence of Camino and the bombs of Borselino to escape for the first time in the scoreboard and fill with nerves to the people of Nicole, who rushed in attack and left the counter served to a rival who did not. he forgave and ended up taking the victory deservedly.

Regattas 87
Timbués 62

Stadium: The Ribera
Referees: E. Valente – M. Arribas
Partial: 29-17, 20-17, 18-15, 20-13.

Regattas (87): López 10, V. Ingratta 18, Rodríguez 10, Andollo 6, Mena 22 (fi); Lupinucci 6, Lemme 6, Noguera 4, Felicetti 1, Figueroa 4. DT: P. Dastugue.
Timbúes (62): Tempestad 9, Soller 16, Palladino 5, Zuccali 21, Dadamo 4 (fi); M. Montenegro 2, García 5, Tijera 0, B. Montenegro 0. DT: G. Roig.

Belgrano 83
Gymnastics (Rosario) 90

Stadium: Fortunato Bonelli
Referees: R. Olivera – P. Ramírez.
Partial: 18-13, 18-23, 23-23, 24-31.

Belgrano (83): Vercelli 9, Cionco 11, Delon 8, Calcaterra 8, Nuñez 27 (fi); Alimena 9 (x), Easterling 5, Prediger 6 (x), Maffei 0, Sirignano 0, Barile 0. DT: D: Maffei.
Gymnastics (90): Capra 9, Borselino 19, Traglia 3, Yanson 17, Evangelista 2 (fi); Fernández 18, Etorre 12, Camino 10, Saenz 0. DT: M. Junco.