Yesterday, Martín Pérez Dorthat arrived, a forward from Chaco who will occupy a Sub-23 card in the Federal. In addition, the base Sub-21 Santiago Calderón and the youth Bernardo Trujillo already practice in the club. Before, Ezequiel Dentis and Gerónimo Rausch had joined.

Gerónimo Rausch in action. Behind him, to his right, the sampedrino Trujillo and on the other, the Chaco Pérez Douthat. PHOTO DANIEL DORADO


Somisa has the distant horizon the Federal Tournament that will start in January, in which it will be his third consecutive season in the third category of Argentine basketball. However, in the short term the club will seek to extend the dominance that it took so long to achieve in the area of ​​San Nicolás, in which it won five of the last seven of the championships that were played in the First local. And, as one of the four ABSN representatives (along with Belgrano, Regatas and Los Andes), in turn he will use as a “rehearsal test” for what comes to the Regional that would begin on the 19th of this month, competing with rivals from Rosario and Pergamino, among other nearby cities.

That is why the leadership and technical staff of the neighborhood institution quickly moved to close several contracts and thus form a competitive staff.

In this context, with a couple of practices with his new teammates, on Friday Ezequiel Dentis made his official debut, adding 33 points, 18 rebounds and 3 caps in the victory achieved by the somiseros against Regatas por la A1 of the domestic competition.

Santiago Calderón and Ezequiel Dentis, the other two new faces of Somisa.

On Sunday, Gerónimo Rausch, an inmate from Bahía Blanca, 20 years old and 2 meters tall, arrived in the city, who will act as a replacement for Dentis. Rausch comes from playing 17 games for Atenas de Carmen de Patagones in the last Argentine League, with averages of 3.7 points, 2.5 rebounds and 12 minutes. Born in Argentina from his hometown, he had previously left Bahia soil for the first time to play the Federal in Pérfora de Plaza Huincul (averages of 6.8, 3.6 and 20 ‘). Rausch on Monday made his first training session under the orders of DT Nicolás Arámburu, assistant Juan Páez and physical trainer Claudio Butus.

And yesterday afternoon, a few hours after traveling from his native Chaco, he began working with the group Martín Pérez Douthat, a 21-year-old forward (he will turn 22 on October 24) and 1.97 tall, who played lately for Sarmiento de Resistencia. He had previously done it in Villa San Martín, also in Chaco, with which he made his professional debut in 2016. In the last season, Pérez – who will occupy the Under-23 card – played 14 games for Sarmiento, reaching averages of 9.7 points and 3.6 rebounds.

Along with the experience of Dentis (with 20 years in professionalism and more than 500 participations in the National League and the Argentine League) and the youth of Rausch and Pérez Douthat, two other young talents arrived to make themselves available to Arámburu and his collaborators. One of them is the Under-21 guard Santiago Calderón, born in San Jorge, Santa Fe and with recent antecedents in the Federal, playing for Commerce of Santa Sylvina, Chaco, between 2018 and 2020 (there he played alongside the Nicole-born Valentín Ingrata, currently in Regattas). The other new face of Somisa is the youth Bernardo Trujillo, a “4” – “5” who arrived from Miter de San Pedro in the local league.

To these names we must add those of Federico Pascual, Leonardo Lete, Ramiro Cruz, Gonzalo Silvero, Nicolás Rodríguez, Maximiliano Valentini, Faustino Brovarone and Manuel Rodríguez, among others; the cards that Somisa will use with the intention of being the protagonist in all the competitions that he faces.