Autumn movements in LEB Oro (II)

In our article yesterday We did a quick review of the movements of the LEB Oro squads, in which we expressed our vision of three of the newcomers (Vaidas Čepukaitis, Fahrudin Manjgafic Y Maj Kovacevič), leaving in stand by the one corresponding to lysander bracey Y Bryce Nzewho have to go through our radar today.

Bryce Nze
ICG Força Lleida

The ilerdense squad is having a hard time completing its squad. The maladaptation of C.J. Gettyswhich barely lasted a month despite its “theoretical” quality of basketball, and the frustrated incorporation of the exACB devinthomas They have been a major setback. With Carrera in MVP mode and Vučetić at a high level, his only natural relief is the centimeters of the temporary Tew, in full adaptation phase. Faced with this situation, in Lleida they have opted to add one more to the cause, the chosen one being a rookies American With Nigerian Passport, Bryce Nze (1998, 201 cm).

He began his university career in 2016/2017 at Wisconsin-Milwaukee and after two seasons with good averages he asked for the transfer, so he spent a blank year to play for the prestigious Butler. There he spent three years at a good level, as in his last season (21/22: 8.7 pt, 6.5 re, 1.5 as), always producing.

Due to his game, he is a 4×4 that must reach 2 bare meters but does everything. He can play facing the basket, he is strong on the rebound, he shoots from three to quiet feet and, without being a born generator, he likes to produce, although sometimes in his penetrations he gets into the lion’s den. On defense he is not afraid of contact and in NCAA he has been a consistent performer.

It remains to be seen how he fits into Gerard Encuentra’s squad, where he will meet a starting 4 like Michael Carrera, who likes to spend a lot of time on the track, also taking the toll of being rookies. We don’t know if Lleida will continue with Tew or they will want another ‘five’, but Nze can give relief of some quality to Carrera, who in several games has arrived tired at the end, and they can even both be on track, in mode small ballsomething that would not change the game of the ilerdenses much, since the starting five Vučetić usually plays quite open.

lysander bracey
Cáceres World Heritage Site

They have surprised from Cáceres with the incorporation of Lysander Bracey (1996, 193 cm), but it is that the irregular start, where they have added, yes, three victories, has made them look for new blood, because their first Baltic unit, made up of Vecvagars and Jarumbauskas, has not yet offered his best version.

I’m not going to cheat, the signing of Bracey as an American ‘two’ has surprised me, and it was totally off my radar. He excelled in his first university year in the JUCO world, being recruited as sophomore for Hampton in 2016/2017, however in his three years there he did not play an important role in a lower-middle level Uni, averaging 4.4 pt his last year. your season rookies, 2019/2020, it was in the Barsy of Kazakhstan as an exotic destination. He then spent a season without playing, although he stood out in a league amateur American as the ECBL. From there he signs in Colombia (Sabios), where he stood out as a scorer in 2021. His good performance made several Latino teams interested in his services in 2022. He signs for Corsarios, again in Colombia, and then in Venezuela with Cangrejeros, to end up returning to Colombia to play with Cimarrones, with whom he played the last leg (17.8 pt, 2.9 ace).

He is a player who is in good shape, because he has played a high number of games in recent months. These days I have been observing his performance in Colombia, being a light, fast ‘two’, skilled in the Q&A or in the open field, and capable of drawing fouls, as well as scoring from the triple without problems. Despite this business card, I see his signing as a risk bet beyond his non-EU status. It is clear that he comes to cover a gap and generate play, something that Pope did from the one or Lafuente playing in the 2-1. He is going to give shot and those touches of killerbut I have doubts regarding the physical plane, tactical game, performance at the back (despite his fast hands) and, above all, how his performance will be against some defenses and scouting that have nothing to do with what you are used to. In short, one more weapon for Roberto Blanco that will have to be checked if it is a revelation or a fiasco.

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Autumn movements in LEB Oro (II)