Autumn movements in LEB Oro (I)

The first bars of a LEB Gold very bipolar, with several teams high up and others anchored in the lower zone, have brought various movements to the competition. Usually we try to make a presentation of the players who have never played in Spain before, nor have we mentioned in any scouting above, although sometimes it is impossible due to lack of time. For this reason, we have not yet been able to write about Vaidas Čepukaitis (Cáceres World Heritage Site) and Fahrudin Manjgafic (Ourense Basketball Club), something that we will solve today, joining them Maj Kovacevičincorporated by UEMC Real Valladolid after the departure of Gilbert.

There has been a lot more activity on the teams. For example, at Alimerka Oviedo Baloncesto, injuries led to the signing of several temporary contracts: Marc Penarroya is having a great performance and the former Peñas Aleksandar Andrejevic covers the position of ‘five’ of the second unit, released with the early departure of Bigurumwami. Nor does it continue Rafael Casanovaafter the end of his one-month contract.

In Cáceres they have also recovered touched men, so the seasonal workers Bona N’Diaye Y Alioune Tew they have gone to other Gold teams (Grupo Alega Cantabria CBT and ICG Força Lleida, respectively). A surprise movement has been the signing of a contrasted player as Nikola Rakocevic by HLA Alicante to further support a team that looks very good. His place in Melilla was occupied by Guille Mulero, which comes from LEB Plata and has made a strong debut. Those of Óscar Lata must go back on the market after the departure of the young point guard ferrando, fished by Valencia de ACB. The star signing of these weeks is the Slovenian international point guard luka rupnik by the Hereda San Pablo Burgos. At MoraBanc Andorra, the departures of Freire and Borg have led to the temporary signing of Josep Perezwithout a team after his brief stint in Iceland.

For the next installment, our vision will remain on two more foreign signings: Bryce Nze (ICG Força Lleida) and lysander bracey (Cáceres World Heritage Site).

Vaidas Čepukaitis
Cáceres World Heritage Site

Lithuanian ‘Five’ of 207 centimeters and already a veteran, who at 33 years old is experiencing his first experience outside his country this season, where he has played in various weight teams such as Prienai, Juventus, Lietkabelis and the last season in Dzukija (4.7 pt , 4.4 d) coming to have a temporary contract with Wolves of the LKL this season before arriving in Spain.

With the clear role of big starting ‘five’, in combination with a more mobile Olaizola, Čepukaitis gives presence inside. He is not excessively fast in his movements, nor is he explosive, but he is a center who knows how to play, work the blocks and who, although he may appear to have rough movements, in the post knows how to use his footwork with his back to the basket and, in addition, He can surprise with his shot from 3-5 meters. In short, a reliable player, to ensure centimeters, rebounds and points near the basket, with experience and good positioning, although he sometimes makes mistakes, his moment of splendor is over and he comes from years of supporting role rather than starting.

Fahrudin Manjgafic
Ourense Basketball Club

Born in 1997, with his 207 centimeters he is a 4-5 Bosnian formed in the prolific Spars academy, already being a member of the first team in his first senior year (15/16), where he spent four seasons. He had to get out of his comfort zone to stand out, as he did for two seasons at Sloboda Tuzla (2019-21). Last year he had his first experience abroad, playing for Serbian Novi Pazar (19.5 pt, 7.3 re in KLS) and finishing the season in the French ProB with Alsace (7.5 pt). This season started in Austria and, after two good games at BC Vienna (14.5 pt), the COB set their sights on him to recruit him.

My consideration since he stood out in Sloboda Tuzla was that of a 4 capable of opening the track and with a good plant. His performance in Serbia and his opportunity in France show that we are dealing with a player in progress. Between two positions, he is more comfortable in my opinion than 4, which made me wonder when he was signed by a COB who was openly looking for a center that would complement Aboubacar. With that 4.5 profile, it seems that his irruption has covered an Argentine international like Chapero, still very tender physically and in his game. Mangjafic is a player who knows how to occupy the gaps on the court, capable of blocking, he feels very comfortable in the pick and pop, where it opens up and, although with a mechanic with little arc, throws with some effectiveness. He can also lower the ball, play without it or answer in the post; He is a player who offers minutes in both positions, taking advantage of his shot like Gjuroski when he is in ‘four’ and his greater speed against heavy opponents in ‘five’. In my opinion, the Bosnian is a player who can win the place in LEB Oro. Against him, he is not a game generator, he lacks some explosiveness and his work behind him must grow in this competition .

Maj Kovacevič
UEMC Real Valladolid Basketball

Gilbert’s sudden departure from Real Valladolid meant that the Pucelano team took a few days to find a guaranteed replacement. The chosen one is Maj Kovacevič (1990 / 192 cm), a player with a totally different cut from his predecessor, to tell the truth. Without detracting from anyone’s work, I think it’s worth taking a look at the Press release of the club for the quality and extension of the information.

The Slovenian is a player with a long history, trained in the Krka youth academy, after passing through Zlatorog and Geoplin he went to Slovakia and the second Greek, jumping in 2015/2016 to the Bosnian Široki where his name began to resonate with force . From there to Helios, Zadar and Krka back, and with an important role. But injuries began to slow down his progression during his time in Split (2018-2020). In 2020/2021 he goes to Croatian Gorica, but in February he goes to Gries of the French ProB (9.0 pt), where he coincided with Franch and replaced an injured Zengotitabengoa. Last season he would return to Split, where he achieved 7.4 points in the Adriatic League in the average 19 minutes he was on the court.

Probably his arrival years ago we would have considered top. However, physical problems have been weighing him down in recent years, going from being a player who did everything to a profile of practically a specialist shooter. Able to raise the ball or have good readings, he is a danger from the triple from any angle, with that brutal ability to receive and shoot or get out the blocks that will give Real Valladolid one more weapon. We will have to see how it develops behind and in the global game. His profile differs a lot from Gilbert, a vertical player, with rebounds and strength but without an outside shot, so that role will be left to Belemene and, to a lesser extent, to the all-rounder Puidet, with both Gantt and our protagonist today being specialist shooters.

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Autumn movements in LEB Oro (I)