At a steady pace

The quarter started with many impressions by both quientetos, not being able to score, nor find the spaces to open the scoreboard. However, Julia Centurion, in her debut, found the space and placed the first points. But quickly Capurro responded quickly from the easy line, to which he added points on a layup. But both casts rushed to take the shots. Capurro prevented him from running the court through the three streets, however Bohemios, from the perimeter tried to place the ball in a corner, to get Daniela Tovagliari and receive at 45 ° degrees alone. Jones had to ask for a minute to modify a mistake. After the minute, they played from indirect curtains and only got to five points. The first quarter went in favor of Bohemios 14-9.

The second quarter showed the same characteristics as the first. Capurro placed a tray set to the bass and then a fast 1 × 0 tray to get to shot, when leaving destined to change the head and the score. The rojinegro was placed at 1 point, and the anger went to Gabriel Pereira street, so that Gallo asked for a minute and tried to put order. The game began to take more verticality, in attack and be more intense. Losses were not long in coming. The spaces were limited and the one on Capurro street in each curtain changed, letting the brown ones pull three points. However, the brown ones, played from the break, knew how to read the advantages in the paint. Before the departure of Abril Ramírez due to injury, they found Daniela Tovagliari again, who placed two triples with fouls of less than a minute to go to the long break. Bohemios went up 34-15.

The third quarter was very similar to the first half. The control was proposed by Bohemios, who handled each situation. On defense, he used to defend singles or jump on every curtain. Capurro’s losses on offense generally ended in 1 × 0 runs for the Marronas, who began to seal the game in their favor and the starting five began to rotate. The Wolves despite the difference of 23 points, tended to request a minute to adjust some detail. After the same minute, he put two balls in consecutive runs, but ahead was Bohemios, who from 1 × 1 continued to damage and widen the difference in the score. The last quarter was in numbers in favor of Bohemios 48-27.

The last quarter was the flattest of all in intensity, with the game sentenced by Bohemios. Both coaches gave the opportunity to different players from the bench who had minutes in the match. The Marronas, who were in closed and marked spaces, managed to find the space near the basket and from this route, they were still up on the scoreboard. On the part of Capurro, the mood was not the same as at the beginning of it. However, they were able to generate a nice situation, ball to the corner, place at 45 ° degrees and there ball in hand to break through the axis and achieve an open triple on a firm foot from Micaela Martinez. The one of Pocitos took the game in numbers of 68-41.