The Argentine women’s basketball team Under ’19 avoided today the last place in the World Cup in the category (U19) of Hungary by beating his pair of Brazil 69-63.

In the city of Debrecen, at the Olah Gabor Sports Hall, the albiceleste team added its second victory in seven presentations and finished in fifteenth place.

The progression of the South American classic was as follows: Argentina 13-16, 33-37, 50-54 and 69-63.

The Santa Fe escort
Milagros Maza (Libertad de Sunchales) became one of the most outstanding values ​​of the quintet led by DT Sebastián Silva, with a production of 14 points, 4 assists and a rebound in 26 minutes, as recorded by FIBA

Meanwhile, Rosario
Agustina Bazán collaborated with 13 units and a rebound in 16m.

In the Brazilian team, the power forward
Maisa Pereira contributed 17 points, 13 rebounds and 5 goal passes in 36m.

Argentina finished its work in the contest with two wins (a
They had previously beaten Chinese Taipei 65-56 in the qualifying phase) and five defeats (with Russia, Hungary, Australia, France and South Korea).

Other results of the final day: Canada 72-Czech Republic 61 (for fifth place); Spain 60-Russia 51 (for seventh place); Italy 80-Egypt 66 (for eleventh place); Chinese Taipei 50-South Korea 55 (for the thirteenth position).