Araucanía games: part of the women’s basketball party

Magallanes debuts today at noon at the Fiscal gym. The competition is limited only to national representatives due to the pandemic.

SOnly with representatives of our country will the women’s basketball tournament of the Araucanía Games take place starting today at the Fiscal gymnasium, a contest that returns in a partial way after a year of suspension by Covid-19.

The special conditions triggered by the pandemic, and, on the other hand, the need to offer young people an instance of competition and participation after the prolonged inactivity, led the authorities to make the decision to carry out a limited edition of the traditional binational event reserved for youth athletes.

There are about 160 players who will animate the basketball of Araucanía in our regional capital, marking representative presence from the Ñuble Region to the south.

The Fiscal gymnasium will have a capacity of 170 people who may be located on the second floor. Admission is free (in order of arrival) and Mobility Pass and identity card will be required, in addition to complying with the usual sanitary measures.


The female selected from the Ñuble, Bíobío, Araucanía, Los Ríos, Los Lagos, Aysén and Magallanes regions will take part, facing a round robin against all to define the monarch by accumulation of scores.

The local team debuts today at noon against the Araucanía Region and in the afternoon it will face Los Ríos (18.00).

Tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. the official opening of the contest will take place with the traditional lighting of the torch marked with symbolism, while the selected homeowner will have a free day.

Magallanes will return to the Prosecutor’s box this Friday with two other commitments: against Los Lagos (8.00) and Bíobío (20.00).

On the closing day, scheduled for Saturday 30, Magallanes will play his last two games: against Ñuble (10.00) and Aysén (16 hours).


Among the sports in our region, women’s basketball is precisely the one that has historically marked the greatest presence on the podium of the Araucanía Games.

The bi-national youth event was born almost three decades ago, in 1992, and the Magellanic women have won two titles, in addition to obtaining seven vice-championships and a handful of third places that have earned them the respect of their adversaries both in our country and in Argentina.

Magallanes hosted the Araucanía Games for the first time in 1998, precisely the year in which the regional representative, then led by Rolando Lizondo, more than responded to expectations by winning the title in an unprecedented way.

14 years later, in November 2012 in the Los Ríos Region, Magallanes won her second title in women’s basketball at the Games, now under the leadership of Carolina Ponce, who continues to lead the team today.

In the following calendar it was a vice-championship in Santa Cruz, as well as the second place obtained at home in 2018, while in the last version carried out in 2019 before the pandemic, the regional team was placed third in La Pampa, always with Ponce on the bench.


Returning to this edition, along the same lines as women’s basketball, the other traditional disciplines of the Araucanía Games will also be active in other regions according to the following calendar:

Aysén: judo ladies and men (October 31 to November 4).

Los Lagos: men’s and women’s cycling (November 4-8).

Araucanía: swimming for men and women (November 7 to 11).

Ñuble: men’s athletics (November 11-14).

Biobío: men’s and women’s volleyball (November 13-18).

Los Ríos: women’s athletics (November 29 to December 3 to December 3).

Los Ríos: men’s basketball (November 29 to December 4).

Likewise, there will be a national edition of the ParaAraucanía Games, from November 23 to 26, contemplating the performance of para-athletics and para-swimming in the Region of La Araucanía (Temuco).


This is the complete schedule for the 2021 Araucanía Games women’s basketball tournament that will take place in the Fiscal gym:

Today (1st date)

8.00: Aysén – Ñuble.

10.00: Los Ríos – Biobío.

12.00: Magellan –


Free: The lakes.

Today (2nd date)

16.00: Biobío – Los Lagos.

18.00: Magellan –

The rivers.

20.00: Ñuble – Araucanía.

Free: Aysén.

Tomorrow (3rd date)

8.00: Los Lagos – Aysén.

10.00: Los Ríos – Araucanía.

12.00: Biobío – Ñuble.

Free: Magellan.

19.00: ceremony of


Friday 29 (4th date)

8.00: Magellan –

The lakes.

10.00: Los Ríos – Ñuble.

12.00: Araucanía – Aysén.

Free: Biobío.

Friday 29 (5th date)

16.00: Ñuble – Los Lagos.

18.00: Aysén – Los Ríos.

20.00: Magallanes – Biobío.

Free: Araucanía.

Saturday 30 (6th date)

8.00: Aysén – Biobío.

10.00: Magallanes – Ñuble.

12.00: Araucanía –

The lakes.

Free: The rivers.

Saturday 30 (7th date)

16.00: Magallanes – Aysén.

18.00: Los Lagos – Los Ríos.

20.00: Biobío – Araucanía.

Free: Ñuble.

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Araucanía games: part of the women’s basketball party