“Always with the high dream”

Mathias Calfani spoke with us in the face of the competition that comes with Uruguay, the desire to steal some point, the confidence in the team and the joy of putting on the blue again.

Calfani returned to the country to wear the colors of the national team, due to different injuries and circumstances that kept him from the last appointments, the man from Artigue, key in his position and role, once again said present.

The power forward did not hide his happiness before a new contest with the celeste: “I feel tremendous happiness to be here, I really wanted to come and be with my teammates, to compete with them, which is always a motivation, it is a joy and unfortunately last year due to injuries I could not be, today I am here and I feel super happy ”.

Mathías spoke of how difficult it is to compete in this moment of pandemic, but in turn pointed out the good predisposition that existed at all times: “Everything is very difficult, but it is difficult for all sectors. The world is bad because of this pandemic, within everything here we are not so bad, although we could be better. Things are being done, progress is being made and that is the important thing. We have to be grateful for having a field, hours, opportunities to train, to play and that is important, the Federation made a tremendous effort in what means protocols, swabs, bringing us all, we were all concentrated in a hotel, this helps us to motivation and it is fundamental “

The world-class competition will not be easy for Uruguay, the man from Artigue defined what the objectives are and what the selection is focused on: “Basically we have to be focused on learning and focused on our game, on what we can do against those world powers, but always knowing that it is a game, there is no public against it, there is nothing, they are all things to win and I believe that we are a very dangerous team for them because we are going to win in every way. We can play a great game, change their strategies, who knows how to steal a game and not to mention take a classification. Always with a high dream but thinking more than anything about learning, continuing to grow and measure ourselves against this type of team that we do not play frequently and it will be a very nice experience for everyone, it will be good to see where we are and what are the points that we have to improve. “

To conclude, he made a detailed detail of their game, but how their own virtues should be exploited: “The strongest thing that we have today is the perimeter, we have important players who are uneven at any level because of what they show on their teams. The most important thing for us now is to focus on what we can generate, look for an advantage, see that our defense is the first attack, not let them feel comfortable, do not let them go to their skillful hand, force the greats to put the ball in the floor, defensive rotations and fighting in the low post that we are obviously at a disadvantage. ” To which he added: “We have to run the court, we the greats have to move, get the greats out of the paint so that the boys can penetrate, play them in front of the greats and if the shot remains, take it, attack the pick and roll and the fall, that way we can get an advantage, if there is one, they almost all measure over two meters, they all shoot, play, change, I think it will be a nice challenge for everyone and we are going to enjoy it. ”

Photo: basketuruguay.uy