Alto Avellaneda introduces soccer, paddle tennis, basketball and even a veterinarian to face the post-pandemic

Thinking about the demand of consumers in the post-pandemic and also with the purpose of attracting a greater number of public to its premises, Alto Avellaneda, one of the IRSA shopping centers with the highest turnover, decided to incorporate a veterinary, movie theaters XD, soccer fields 5, basketball and paddle tennis, among others.

The “refresh” of the shopping trip demanded an investment of US$ 20 million between the company led by Eduardo Elsztain and the tenants. The move by IRSA -owner of 14 shopping malls in the country- aims, on the other hand, to compensate for two important casualties that Alto Avellaneda had during the pandemic, such as Garbarino and Falabella that made the mall lose 25% of its turnover and dethrone it to fourth place in the ranking, behind Abasto, Alto Palermo, and Alto Rosario. Now, with the incorporation of the new services, its directors aspire to regain second place among those with the highest sales volume.

“Consumers are asking for shopping malls to be centers of experiences, but they are also to be able to do ‘everything’ there. That is why in Alto Avellaneda, just as we are doing in the other shopping centers of the company, we are incorporating items that were unknown or unusual until a few years ago”, said Eduardo Elsztain, president and CEO of IRSA.

“The tenants, both the new ones and those who arrived after the period that we were closed due to the pandemic, were more than willing to accompany us in this renovation,” he added. And he pointed out that “little by little we are recovering pre-pandemic levels of occupancy, visits and sales. Precisely because of its open-air features, one of the company’s shopping malls most in demand by brands is the Arcos District, in Palermo.”

Among the new offerings that have already opened their doors at the Avellaneda complex is a “La Cancha Complex” (two 5-a-side football pitches, one basketball pitch and two paddle tennis pitches plus a sporting goods store and a gastronomic space) on an area of 2,500 m2. Along with this complex, the sports clothing trade has club franchises and its own brand ‘Kiricocho’, the superstitious word used by coach Carlos Bilardo to harm rivals.

Eight Cinemark theaters (one of 4D and the largest XD in the country) also opened a month and a half ago in the mall, which replaced the Atlas and Bingo theaters. and occupy an area of ​​3,600 m2.

The mall opens a sports complex.

Among the next planned openings, which are already under construction: they line up Neverland, which will occupy practically 70% of the space that Falabella had. Kevingston, the traditional clothing brand, and Arredo (white goods) will also join in stores of about 600 meters each. “Bad” hairdressers.

According to Juan Pablo Lombardo, Center Manager of Alto Avellaneda, “today the main floor of the mall has 100% occupancy and there is a waiting list,” he said. As explained by the director, the departure of Falabella and a chain of cinemas opens up a large space on the first floor of the mall, which will surely be occupied by a gym, a chain of meeting rooms, the possibility of offering storage rooms and/or safe deposit boxes. Also a chain of household items and technology to fill the void left by a brand that was a leader in the field.

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Alto Avellaneda introduces soccer, paddle tennis, basketball and even a veterinarian to face the post-pandemic