All winners of the Olimpia Awards

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This Tuesday the Olimpia Awards were held, where the best Argentine athletes were distinguished. Messi won the 2021 Gold Olympia and Diego Schwartzman took last year’s earring.

Lionel Messi won the 2021 Gold Olympia, while Schwartzman was left with the same award, but from 2020.
© TNT SportsLionel Messi won the 2021 Gold Olympia, while Schwartzman was left with the same award, but from 2020.

This Tuesday, in the Buenos Aires town of Pilar, the delivery of the Olympia Awards, organized as always by the Círculo de Periodistas Deportivos, and in which the tasks performed by all Argentine athletes this year are recognized.

With driving Juan Pablo Varsky and the former player of Las Leonas, Magdalena Aicega, at the Howard Johnson hotel, the 65th edition was held because in 2020 they could not be held due to the health situation that Argentina was going through due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The greatest distinction of the day, the Golden Olympia corresponding to last year, it was obtained by tennis player Diego Schwartzman, while Regarding the same award but of the current year, it was the footballer Lionel messi who got it. The Peque attended the ceremony and was able to receive the award in person, but not the Flea, since it is in France.

All winners of the Olimpia de Plata

  • Chess: Alan Pichot.
  • Athletics: Florence Borelli
  • Adapted Athletics: Brian Impellizzeri
  • Motoring: Jose Maria Lopez
  • Basketball: Facundo Campazzo
  • Adapted Basketball: Maria Chirinos
  • Baseball: Exequiel Talevi
  • Billiards: Gustavo Longo
  • Bowls: Romina bolatti
  • Boxing: Brian Castaño
  • Rafting: Agustin Vernice
  • Adapted canoeing: Ariel atamañuk
  • Cestoball: Maria Cecilia Labaké
  • Cycling: Exequiel Torres
  • Adapted Cycling: Maximiliano Gomez
  • Horse riding: Martin Dopazo
  • Fencing: Belén Pérez Maurice
  • Waterskiing: Kai ditsch
  • Football: Lionel messi
  • Adapted Soccer: Maximiliano Espinillo
  • Futsal: Matias Edelstein
  • Gymnastics: Sol Martínez Fainberg
  • Golf: Emiliano Grillo
  • Handball: Leonel maciel
  • Field hockey: Agustina Albertario
  • Judo: Paula Pareto
  • Adapted Judo: Eduardo Gauto
  • Karate: Gonzalo navarro
  • Struggle: Agustin Destribats
  • Motorcycling: Manuel Andújar
  • Swimming: Julia Sebastian
  • Adapted Swimming: Ferdinand charlemagne
  • Paddle: Martin Di Nenno
  • Roller skate: Giselle soler
  • Duck: Facundo Taberna
  • Ball: Alfredo Villegas
  • Dumbbells: Dante pizzuti
  • Pole: Pablo Pieres
  • Rowing: Milka kraljev
  • Adapted Rowing: Brenda sardon
  • Rugby: Marcos Moneta
  • Softball: Bruno Motroni
  • Surf: Leandro Usuna
  • Taekwondo: Lucas Guzman
  • Adapted Taekwondo: Juan Samorano
  • Tennis: Horacio Zeballos
  • Table tennis: Horacio Cifuentes
  • Adapted Table Tennis: Constance Garrone
  • Threw: Alexis Eberhardt
  • Turf: Francisco Goncalves
  • Volleyball: Facundo Conte
  • Yachting: María Victoria Travascio and Sol Branz


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All winners of the Olimpia Awards