Agreement between INADI and Argentine basketball organizations

The head of INADI, Victoria Donda, together with the president of the Argentine Basketball Confederation (CABB), Fabián Borro, the president of the Argentine Association of Basketball Clubs (ADC), Gerardo Antenor Montenegro, the president of the Area Basketball Federation Metropolitana (FEBAMBA), Emilio Damián Menendéz and the president of the Metropolitan Women’s Basketball Association (AFMB), Graciela B. Spiazzi signed an agreement to work together against discrimination in sport.

The agreement, which will last for two years, aims to carry out trainings, workshops and reflection sessions aimed at the prevention, sensitization and awareness of discriminatory practices to provide tools for inclusion and equality. In addition, campaigns will be carried out to disseminate information regarding existing complaint mechanisms and specific actions in order to avoid discriminatory acts.


As part of the agreement, INADI, through its Observatory of Discrimination in Sports (ODD), will prepare a survey of discrimination situations and will make reports of results regarding the discriminatory facts and acts that occur in sporting events where the associated clubs and institutions are part of.

This agreement is given within the framework of the articulation of the Observatory of Discrimination in Sports with the different sports entities for the prevention of discrimination, expanding its work to various sports activities.

Also present during the signing by INADI were the national director of Policies against Discrimination, Ornella Infante, and the director of the Observatory of Discrimination in Sports, Karina Iumatto.

What’s more, The institute continues to work together with the National Sports Secretariat on the Federal Survey #PorUnDeporteIgualitario, an initiative to assess the state of affairs regarding progress and challenges in terms of inclusion, integration and equal opportunities in the country’s clubs. You can register your club here.