Adam Silver points out that G League in Mexico is a small big step to have an NBA franchise

The NBA commissioner pointed out that the participation of Capitanes in the Development League opens the door in the future for the expansion of the league abroad.

Adam Silvercommissioner of the nbago to captainsteam of the nba g leagueas a big step for Mexico host a team from the best basketball league in the world in the future, prior to the match between Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs at the Mexico City Arena.

“It’s great to be back Mexicothe last time was in October 2019. The most important ones are the 30th anniversary and the 31st game in Mexico. A big growth was the launch of captains on the G League with the Austin Spurs game with a great atmosphere. We believe that it is a small big step to operate in Mexico to have a franchise nba in this country in the future. Thanks to Spurs and Heat for making the trip here and doing some activities with the Mexican community,” he declared. Silver in a conference prior to the return of the NBA to Mexico.

The commissioner reported that, with the experience of the visits they have had to the capital of MexicoMexico City meets the requirements so that in the future it can be the home of a franchise of the nba.

“In terms of the city, the times, climate and transfers are enormous with a large population. With this great market we can continue to grow here”.

Silverwho revealed that the amount of party he will have is already under analysis Mexico in 2023, expressed the intention that exists in the nba to expand to other countries, mainly to the southern United States, in reference to the Mexican territory.

“The expansion of the league is definitely possible, we need it because we need new venues. But also grow outside the USA. An example is Canada with great success and we also look for it in the south, we have no doubts in considering it at some point”.

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Adam Silver points out that G League in Mexico is a small big step to have an NBA franchise