A well-fused duo

The first minutes of the game were in the studio, with Defensor dominating the painting from the hand of Josefina Rivera. For their part, the lionesses scored points thanks to stealing the ball and running the court, with easy goals or points from the line. In attack, the champions could not unlock the square one mark on the foreign Julieta Ale, so on several occasions she was left with double and even triple marks. When he managed to unload, he found both Lucía Schiavo and Jessica da Costa free to damage from medium and long distance. August 25, for his part, depended a lot on what his foreigner Rocío Bereilh did, well controlled in large passages of the first quarter, which culminated in a victory for the deans by 14 to 10.

The first possessions were long and badly taken by both teams relegating 24 seconds in each attack. The goals came in each team, but the offenses continued to be very dirty and messy. In this game, painting became key and the deans began to take advantage of it. The lionesses abused the outside shot and many times with shots that failed to touch the rim. But, the bad percentages of success made no team away on the scoreboard, Defender could not stretch the distance and 25 could not shorten, in addition the lionesses depended a lot on their free, achieving 50% of their points from the simple line. That is why at the end of the first 20 minutes the score showed that the deans won 22 to 15.

The low score and the poor shooting effectiveness continued despite the long rest. August 25 achieved the advantage on the bass with a determined Rossana Dagnino at the beginning of the complement over Rivera. In attack the deans could not get the ball until Jessica’s bomb appeared to lift the spirits of the merged. But the painting that gave Defender so much profit in the first half, became his suffering in the third quarter, since it was from there that the lionesses brought the match to get only a double after Bereilh’s tray at a minute and a half closing. But the blow ended up giving Roxy on the buzzer with a fantastic hook to equal the actions at 35 points heading into the fourth quarter.

But in the first offensive Lucia Schiavo placed a fundamental soul bomb and in the reload it was Josefina Rivera who stood firm from the semicircle of the free kick double for a quick 5-0. But the thing did not stop there, the fused defense began to deny the ball to Villa Dolores, with many robberies to manage to run the court and stretch the distance a little more on the scoreboard. 25 could not repeat all the good things he had done in the third quarter, falling to zero for the first 5 minutes of the fourth quarter. To Defensor everything happened to him, until a shot of back to the rim with Joefina Rivera’s board to raise the applause in the Cefubb. From then on, the merged team controlled the game and was left with the victory by figures of 55 to 42.