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I don’t know if it will be a widespread sensation, but the one who subscribes these lines notices less and less difference between the medium-low zone of Gold with the high zone of Silver. In the lower echelon, several teams have taken advantage of their opportunities and have offered Gold players a good opportunity, both sportingly and financially, to join their projects as mouse heads instead of lion tails and fill Gold gaps at a price of balance. This has meant that in LEB Plata there are very good players with recent experience in Gold and that the transfer of players between both categories is frequent.

When analyzing which players from the LEB Plata 21/22 have played in Gold in any of the previous seasons (19/20, 20/21 or the current one) we find a total of 55 players with that recent experience.

18 players

FC Cartagena CB
6 players

  • Daniel Shipyards. After a lifetime in Valladolid, he moved away from his comfort zone to feel important, being basic in Aranzana’s schemes because of his gladiator spirit.
  • Bakary Camara. He arrived in Palencia last season in his year rookiebut he did not enjoy opportunities, so he ended up in Carbajosa, repeating in Plata this season, where he shows his physical panther game.
  • Sam Rodriguez. Without opportunities in the FLBA last season, he stood out in Benicarló and was one of the stars of the summer market due to his status as an important player in the category.
  • Juanjo Coello. After many years at Real Murcia, he received the Gold award. He arrived in Cartagena this summer to help.
  • Ablaye Mbaye. With a long history in Gold, an injury prevents him from being that defensive bastion that we all know.
  • Johan Kody. Valuable player with extensive experience in FEB Leagues. He started his last course in Tizona, leaving a few months later in the direction of Plata (Jairis), repeating this category course.

Good Arenas Albacete Basket
3 players

  • Gerard Blatt. He played 19/20 in Almansa after achieving promotion, ending up in Iceland last season before now being vital in one of the leading teams in the East.
  • John Carroll. He tiptoed through Gold on 19/20 (some matches at Peixe) before consolidating in Silver.
  • Victor Moreno. His return to Gold did not go well this season and, after not having minutes in Palma, he is the team’s winter star reinforcement.

    Valencia BC B
    3 players

  • Alexander Rivas. Back home after a season in Gold with Palma, the power forward continues to show his good hand.
  • Diego Rivas. Despite being of junior age, he had more matches in Gold than in EBA with Palma, showing his promising credentials.
  • Gonzalo Bressan. With a linked card (La Zubia), last season he played several games with FCBG.
  • Baptist Lugarini. He signed for Palma this year, without making his debut.

Sant Antoni Ibiza Feeling
2 players

  • Jordi Grimau. He was looking for retirement as sports director and kill the bug playing. The result is that he continues to be that deadly forward that he played in Palencia on 19/20.
  • Lucas Antunez. He had an experience with a few minutes also in Palencia in 19/20, he went down a step and, after already standing out in Navarra, he is a key player in the Ibiza team.

Royal Canoe NC
2 players

  • Dani de la Rua. He continues to be that player with weight since the ‘one’. With experience in Silver and Gold, he continues in the canoist ship, in which he was last season in Gold.
  • William Ruiz. Another team classic. He was in Gold last season playing a game and remains in the yellow team.

My Architect CB Benicarló
1 player

  • Javier Menendez. Last season, the Spaniard received an opportunity in Gold from Melilla, although despite showing his intensity he did not finish the season, being a player with a certain cache in Silver.

Zentro Basket Madrid
1 player

  • Ignacio Ballespin. They gave him the opportunity in Gold on 19/20 (Melilla), but he had few options and went to Silver in the middle of that campaign, arriving at Zentro to manage at 1-2 since last 20/21.

Hestia Menorca
1 player

  • Alex Tamayo. In a team as young as the Balearic Islands, only Tamayo recently played in Gold doing so (Peñas, 19/20).

Gaudí CB Mollet, CB Cornellà, Herbalife Gran Canaria, Safir Fruits Alginet and El Ventero CBV spare parts

37 players

Hereda Club Ourense Basketball
10 players

  • Javier Marin. After three seasons in Melilla, the base went down a step to be the captain of the return from the ‘one’.
  • Albert Martin. Recent reinforcement from Oviedo, the Madrid base will provide control of the game and Q&A.
  • Brano Daukanovic. Lots of quality on the perimeter. The 19/20 stood out in Friends and, after some experiences in Europe, a succulent offer from the Galician squad made him return to Spain.
  • Fernando Ventura. Two good campaigns in Cáceres made Sergio Pérez bet heavily on him for defensive and triple work.
  • Greg Gantt. Already nominated several times as the team’s player of the month, his wrist is lethal, as could be seen in Valladolid, and now, free of physical problems, even more so.
  • Jose Nogues. Last season he enjoyed an injury-free course in Almansa. Versatility, wrist, quality… A luxury reinforcement for this Silver COB.
  • Julius Assisi. He surprised in Amics for his physical game on 19/20 and Menorca bet on him, going down to Silver on 20/21. After starting the season standing out in Iceland, COB opted for his return to have one more place.
  • Paco of the Eagle. After two good seasons in Cáceres, where he grew as a player from a secondary role, he makes his work full of intangibles available to the team.
  • Kevin van Wijk. Despite relegation, he stayed in Ourense to be captain and play his fourth season at the club.
  • Seydou Aboubacar. In full recovery and picking up the pace, he arrives at Plata after achieving promotion to the ACB with Breogán, after two years being an important center in RVB and in the aforementioned Breogán.

Group Alleges Cantabria CBT
6 players

  • Agusti Sans. One of the star signings of this campaign, due to experience and physical quality for the category. Perry’s departure opened the doors of ‘one’ for him, responding perfectly.
  • Hello Marin. He played 2019/20 with FCBG without many opportunities, arriving at Círculo last time, where he was lord and master with his quality. Like Sans, he is one of this summer’s star signings, in the same role and on a top team.
  • Fer Sierra. The multipurpose forward Força arrived from Lleida last season and since his incorporation he has not stopped. An exterior that does everything back and forth.
  • Walter Junior. After his good 20/21, the FLBA noticed him, but the bad start of the Alicante team left him few options, so he decided to return to Cantabria, where he is very comfortable.
  • Mirza Bulic. He hadn’t played in Silver for six seasons, already well established in Gold. His return to the category has been brutal, being differential.
  • Moussa Kone. An injury last season cut short his year in Gold with Almansa. He now he’s looking to get his tone back with his physical power.

Tizona University of Burgos
5 players

  • Alberto Ruiz de Galarreta. He came to be playing in the first Valencian national after a long journey in LEB. Tizona opted for him and is in his third campaign in Burgos, the last one in a Gold in which he has a long history with his wrist on fire.
  • Ivan Martinez. Another key player in Tizona, where he experienced his promotion and the Gold season, staying in the team at a high level.
  • Pa Mor Diene. The Senegalese had a residual role in Gold (Força Lleida, 19/20), feeling more comfortable in Silver.
  • Didac Cuevas. He arrived in Melilla on 19/20 without making much noise and stayed like one of the others. His speed and triples went to the Barça subsidiary last season, being a basic piece of the current Tizona.
  • Ale Bortolussi. After four years at the CB Granada Foundation, he sought a new challenge and a place where he felt important, as he is doing at El Plantío, contributing his experience and knowing how to be.

Zamora Falls in Love
4 players

  • Jeff Solarin. It is strange to see this player in Silver after his good 20/21 with Real Murcia in Gold. His start to the season confirms his high level, returning to a position that he knows from his beginnings.
  • Manuel Vazquez. He did not finish his two Gold campaigns with the COB. A player who wants to forget his physical problems and enjoy basketball again.
  • Jacob Round. Temporary last year at Peñas, where he took advantage of his opportunity thanks to his good wrist.
  • Bobby Harris. Another star signing for the competition. He stood out in Almansa with his 1 × 1, taking over Melilla’s services this year, but a few days later he left for Plata, where he already decides matches.

CB Moron
2 players

  • Louis Couple. He is a classic in Gold, with experience galore. After many years in Cáceres, last season he was a mainstay in Peñas and in the current one he decided to come home.
  • Diogo Brito. He was not given many options in the COB, although he left flashes and decided to go down a step to grow in Morón, despite the siren songs that he has been receiving since the beginning of the course.

Gijón Basketball Circle
2 players

  • Azaro Rocker. The Bahamian ‘five’ arrived at GBC this season, but, still very green, he took a step back to reach the Circle, where he shows off his explosiveness.
  • Alex Rivas. With few opportunities in Breogán last season, he sought this course to have options in Círculo, and that’s where he is.

Queen Yogurt Clavijo CB
2 players

  • Bernie Garcia. He had his options in Gold on 19/20 (Peñas and Cáceres), playing last season in Zornotza and being an important player in Silver in each project he is part of.
  • Andrew Norris. Recent star signing. His enormous 20/21 with Real Murcia led him to sign in Finland, where he did not work out this year, Clavijo betting heavily to bring him back to Spain.

Melilla Sport Capital Enrique Soler
2 players

  • Diego de Blas. The Madrid forward played 19/20 in Peñas and from the next he is in Melilla, where his condition as U22 helps him and is also important.
  • Mass Fall. He arrived a few weeks ago from Força Lleida. A physical mass that in the ‘five’ gives bounce and intimidation, with experience of several years in Gold.

CB Marbella
2 players

  • Devin Wright. Contrasted player in the Gold paint, the 19/20 played in the OCB without much brilliance, arriving last season in Marbella, where he is a pillar of the paint.
  • Lazar Mutic. Secondary role player in GBC (19/20), he went to EBA as linked to Manresa to finish last season in Amics, being the starting ‘three’ of the Marbella team this course.

Damex UDEA Algeciras
1 player

  • Issa Thiam. He made his professional debut on 19/20 at the Lucentum Foundation (with an interesting role that decreased as the days went by), he went down to EBA last season and immediately landed in Plata, where he put in good performances with a UDEA in which he continues it’s 21/22.

Aquimisa Carbajosa Business
1 player

  • Harrison Cleary. He did not have opportunities neither in Amics nor in Almansa last year. He repeated in Spain this campaign in Silver and, when he was standing out, an injury cut his progression.

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