A shooting causes chaos in the ‘Deer District’ of Milwaukee after the Bucks-Celtics

The incident, which occurred towards the end of the game between the Bucks and the Celtics, has no fatalities at the moment

According to the first information from the city police department, three people were injured and two were taken to hospital.

Authorities have already arrested one suspect, a 29-year-old man.

Fans fill the concourse in front of the Milwaukee Bucks arena to watch Game 6 against the Boston Celtics


The end of Game 6 between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Boston Celtics had a negative footnote beyond the loss of the home team, which will be forced to play Game 7 away from their boisterous and engaged fans. A shooting in the outskirts of the pavilion when the defeat of the Wisconsin franchise was barely confirmed, it sowed chaos in an area that had reached the top of its capacity with 11,000 people concentrated to cheer on their team during the NBA conference semifinals.

According to the city’s fire department, a man and a woman were taken to the hospital, while a third injured man was able to do so with his own vehicle. The police arrested a 29-year-old man as the alleged perpetrator of the crime. The ‘Deer District’, the esplanade in question, is a large square with bars, restaurants and nightclubs that is right next to the Fiserv Forum, the Bucks pavilion. When the shots were heard, a large group of fans began to run to any side in the general panic.

The investigation is still underway to clarify the facts. In the United States, more than 40,000 people die each year as a result of gun violence. Some 85,000 are injured according to data from Gun Policy and the CDC. The data quadruples other countries with development rates equivalent to the North American country.

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A shooting causes chaos in the ‘Deer District’ of Milwaukee after the Bucks-Celtics