A foot and a half in a gold cup

Match worked from the defenses in the first moments. The well-closed brown at the back only allowed three-point shots to the violets without good percentages. Something that Bohemios did have ahead, with a burst of three bombs in the first minutes, one from Julia Centurión and two courtesy of Camila Dos Santos. It took a lot for the deans to cut zone 2-3, the movement of the ball around the perimeter did not give them the expected return, but at the end of the quarter they managed to run the court and shorten distances to close down only by 5 the first quarter (19-14).

For the second, the deans took the game to what was best for them, a much more physical passage, they did not let the brown women play comfortably, who began to abuse the outside shot. Ahead, running the court and catching a bad stop to the area imposed by Bohemios Defensor, he managed to pass on the scoreboard by a minimum. The Marronas continued searching with Tovagliari and Centurión as their main weapons seeking to reach the goal, but the ball did not want to enter. Defender took advantage of that, with Julieta Ale commanding the game and scoring second-chance points and with Josefina Rivera from her favorite place, the corner of the key. Despite getting ahead on the scoreboard, Defender failed to take advantage of the bad moment of the Marronas, who went from scoring 19 points in the first quarter to only 2 in the entire second quarter. But the good 2-3 zone of the Marronas helped the team stay in the game, facing the second half the deans won 26-21.

In the second starting time only, the ball went back to the Marronas who quickly placed themselves on a ball with Centurión and Dos Santos in command of the reaction. The game turned into a game of streaks, when the defender managed to run the court he took distance, but against the zone there was no way to score and in reloading Dos Santos did not stop bombarding the ring and thus adding the brown ones. Defender managed to react and with the help of Lucía Schiavo with two triples he shortened the distance, but the third ended with Bohemios up 47 to 40.

For the last quarter Defender came out determined not to let his rival play and began to pressure from the start, causing losses to his rival. The Marronas continued to search from the bottom with Centurión attacking and unloading for great collective plays that allowed him to open 10 (50-40) with 8 minutes remaining. But the current champions appeared with a sensational duo of Lucía Schiavo and Julieta Ale, with Argentina placing two fundamental bombs from the corner that were a spirited rise to the team. Ale finished with 18 of the 28 points in the fourth quarter, key to closing the victory and remaining as leaders and one step away from the gold cup with a final score of 68 to 62.