A duel that has been waiting since March for the coronavirus

Photography: Give three long, deep breaths into a tube, take the breath sample for analysis in a sophisticated technology and in less than a minute detect the presence of Sars-CoV-2; With a quick and non-invasive method, the expired air test, similar to an “alcotest”, to know if you are infected with Covid-19. That […]

With morale at peak, the quintet of the University of Concepcion who, from 6:00 p.m., will visit his peer from Quilicura Basket for a new date of the National Basketball League.

The university complex comes from overwhelming High Bridge by 101-59, in what was a presentation that was close to perfect and allowed him to stay at the top of the standings, where he is third with serious options to reach the lead given the pending duels that still remain.

In front of him he will have a rival with whom due to those things of the pandemic he has not yet been able to face, after the suspensions of the commitments that he had to measure in March and also last week, both due to positive cases of Covid in the capital club. That way, in the Basket UdeC They hope that the third is finally the charm, to take advantage of the good moment and continue on the path of victory.

To win it all

Adding the maximum number of possible victories is the premise of Campanil, to face the league stage in the best possible way. This was pointed out Charles Lauler.

“The objective is to be as high as possible in the table, in order to have home-court advantage when the playoffs come. We know we have fewer games, but we are well positioned. We have had bad fortune with injuries, but I think that now that we can all add minutes, we will have better opportunities to win games and stay ahead, “he said.

On the other hand, the technical assistant, auricielo, Santiago Gomez, expressed that “we are still on the way, fighting and we want to finish at number one.

Happy too, because it joins us Carlos Milano again and we can have a full roster. We have three tough games on the road, it will be tough, but at the same time a nice challenge ”, declared the coach in relation to the duels that this weekend will be measured again with Quilicura Y High Bridge, on Santiago.