“A club as big as Bohemios deserves to be fighting other challenges”

After a great victory for Bohemios against Marne, Básquet Total spoke with Matías Gallo. The local figure told us the keys to take the game and everything that comes to Ignacio Carrerou’s team.

On the ecstatic atmosphere that was experienced after the triumph suffered on Gabriel Pereira Street, the point guard said: “All the games are going to be complex for us and we are going to face the year that way. We are aware that each game is a battle for us and each point has enormous value. That can be seen in the people and in the atmosphere that is generated, since everyone knows that the objective of the club this year is to return to compete with a team on the court because a club as big as Bohemios deserves to be fighting other challenges. Our idea is first to compete and then to grow in the championships ”.

After a first quarter where they could only score ten points and received 22, Gallo recognized what were the flaws in the game plan: “What happens is that our potholes are defensive and we are not generating energy from back to front and that is what it costs us. When we start to defend, we gain confidence to attack and also people start to push. With the pick and roll we start to generate passes and when we are smart on defense. But we also run the court and match the match. The fact of starting concentrated, is something that without a doubt we have to correct in the future, because with the team we have, we would have to go out and bite. “

Precisely, the shots from 6.75 came from the second quarter onwards thanks to the bombs of Trelles, Touron, Sanchez and Matías himself: “We are aware that we need a three-point shot because there are rivals who down the post make a lot of difference to us. We need to have a warm hand and generate breaks with discharges, to generate with our shots. There are nights that do not fit as in the last game, that not a single one entered and we are sorry, since we lost heavily. Today they entered and that gave us confidence, because for us triple is gold. We have to take the confident shots and try to get them. The days that come in we are going to compete and the days that we don’t, they are going to be difficult ”.

The next stop is against a tough rival such as Welcome, who is undefeated in the competition and is one of the candidates. However, “Coco” does not lose the illusion: “We are going to prepare it like all matches and we are going to try to make them uncomfortable. Before the championship started, we said that if we won a game, we were going to have some food and try to have a good group. We are now 3-2 and people trust us. We do not set crazy goals to say that we are going to be champions or that we are going to be promoted, because we want to see how the tournament plays out. The smartest thing we can do is go game by game and enjoy this beautiful atmosphere and then what comes next ”.

Finally, he reviewed his present in the Pocitos team, where in addition to playing the DTA, he is the Women’s Technical Director. With the marronas he is facing Lagomar in the semifinals of the Silver Cup: “I am happy in this club. They have taken me as one of the house. I have great support from the leaders, as well as from the club and the people. I want to thank Bohemios for giving me this opportunity to be here and to be in the Feminine, with the little girls who I adore a lot. This is bigger than just that and my heart is painted a little brown. I want to continue enjoying it ”.

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“A club as big as Bohemios deserves to be fighting other challenges”